Ambassador Harvey is heir and descendant of land owning Hebrew mix raced Indigenous Inhabitants that lived in North America before the United States of America, and the States of the Union were created.

"The Biblical Hebrew Israelites settled and claimed North America during the reign of King Solomon, circa 500 BCE; and marked their claim to North America with the oldest existence in the world, of the 10 Commandments on a boulder in New Mexico in ancient Hebrew, with the true name of the God of the Bible, Yahweh. The exodus of the Biblical Hebrews coming to an unoccupied continent in the west was written in Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible, in the Book of Ezra. This fact has been suppressed in the history books," stated Ambassador Harvey.

I do not consent to my inheritance of Indigenous Rights or Proprietary Rights being taken; nor do I consent to trespass of my Unalienable and Inalienable Rights by any entity that has come upon this continent after my forebears; for I am the Indigenous and Proprietary heir, and stand in their position, says Ambassador Rechayahu Ben Harvey.

As an heir and descendant of Indigenous people in North America, Ambassador Harvey is heir to many covenants, international agreements and declarations. One such international agreement is the 1663 Charter of Carolina, Lords Proprietors Contract. The United States and the States did not exist during this time, therefore, have no standing or authority to alter or extinguish this international contract agreement.

The 1663 Charter of Carolina granted Ambassador Harvey, as heir, assign and successor, a land grant; which consist of present day North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Panhandle and northern Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, north of New Orleans, Texas, north of Houston, Arkansas, Missouri, the hanging bottom corner-bottom point of Nevada, most of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and California below Stockton, and Full, Absolute Power and Authority Forever by King Charles II, of England, France, Ireland and Scotland. Paragraph 14 of the international contract granted Ambassador Harvey, as heir, assign and successor, the authority to legislate, judge and enforce law (police powers), and authority to appoint Civil and Military Officers, forever; in this defined area.

This Land grant is known as Granville District and was and is private Indigenous and Proprietary Property. It is defined as, 36 degrees north latitude, (Virginia/North Carolina state line) and south, by 29 degrees north latitude, (near present day Daytona, Florida) East boundary, the Atlantic Ocean and West boundary, by the Pacific Ocean.

According to Ambassador Harvey, this area does not belong to the United States or the States; and the federal and state governments have been trying to hide this illegal land grab with multiple purchases of the Granville District over and over again.

1782-1783: Treaties with the United Kingdom establish the U.S. as an independent country and establish the boundary of the United States as being bound on the north by Canada, on the south by Spanish Florida, but Granville District was not part of United Kingdom, and United Kingdom did not own it, neither did USA.

1803: Louisiana Purchase, 36 degrees north latitude, and south, by 29 degrees north latitude is the Granville District territory. France did not own Granville District.

1819: Florida was ceded to the United States and purchased from Spain. Spain did not own Granville District or the Indigenous Hebrew lands that was shared with other Indigenous tribes (Washitaw). Northern Florida down to 29 degree north latitude is the Granville District.

1845: The independent Republic of Texas (1836-1845) is annexed to the United States. The territory of Texas extended north to 42 degrees north (into modern Wyoming) due to a secret treaty between Mexico and Texas. Again, 36 degrees north latitude, to south 29 degrees north latitude belongs to Granville District, not Mexico or Texas.

1848: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo following the Mexican War between the U.S. and Mexico resulted in the purchase of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and western Colorado. 36 degrees north latitude, to south 29 degrees north latitude belongs to Granville District, not Mexico or US. These two countries fought each other over land neither own.

1853: With the Gadsden Purchase of 1853, the land acquisition that resulted in the area of the 48 contiguous states was completed. Southern Arizona and southern New Mexico were purchased for $10 million and named for the U.S. minister to Mexico, James Gadsden. Finally, again 36 degrees north latitude, to south 29 degrees north latitude belongs to Granville District, not Mexico. This is the area where the oldest existence of the Biblical Ten Commandments in the world resides, written by the biblical Hebrews, carved in stone. This area established Hebrew claim to this land, circa 500BCE. Indigenous Hebrews has never grant title to either entity.

Ambassador Harvey officially peacefully declared Independence July 4, 2011, but says he has since been, harassed, robbed, kidnapped and ignored by state and federal authorities. "My Sovereign, Indigenous, Human, and Diplomatic Rights are being violated. This will not continue," the Ambassador stated.

He believes that the history of the USA is a fairytale written to hide many skeletons in the closet:

1]. like the original inhabitants of North America were black, the Hebrews, Phoenicians, Egyptians and Moors that discovered North America centuries before Europeans. The first presidents of American Continental Congress were descendants of these people. History books omit them and fraudulently start with George Washington as 1st President of America, when he was actually 9th.

2]. that there were two Slave Trades going on about same time, (1) the North American Slave Trade enslaved aboriginal and indigenous North Americans; and (2) the African Slave Trade Triangle between Africa, Caribbean and South America; both slaves groups were kept separate, mostly, but all were fraudulently portrayed as if they all were the African Slaves.

3]. that the majority of African Americans are not from Africa, but are descendants of the aboriginal and indigenous North Americans, America is really the brainwashed African Americans homeland, and the original gun laws in America were created to suppress the aboriginal, and indigenous inhabitants and arm the immigrant militias to keep the aboriginal and indigenous inhabitants enslaved and under control.

I have grown tired of living on my own Indigenous and Proprietary lands under duress, forced into fraudulent contracts, victim of government sponsored racketeering enterprises; being robbed, kidnapped, blackmailed, tortured, enslaved by the State and Federal governments, says Ambassador Harvey.

Pursuant to the International Law and The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly during its 62nd session at UN Headquarters in New York City on 13, September 2007. Indigenous People have the right to a nationality, self-determination/autonomy or self-government, right to belong to an indigenous community or nation.

"My family still has in our possession, a few hundred acres that we had prior to the creation of the USA and the 13 Colonies. It is my intent to reestablish my nationality, and restore my Peoples Nation and autonomous government; and exercise my Legislative, Judicial and Police Powers Authority, that I have as heir, assign and successor of Indigenous and Proprietary lands that was granted to me forever, by King Charles II. I will establish a Permanent Diplomatic Mission to support and protect the Aboriginal and Indigenous descendants of North America, and demand immediately justice and Indigenous and Slave reparations owed," says Ambassador Harvey.

"Since most mortgage foreclosures appear to be tainted with state and US federal sponsored corruption and racketeering; I have issued Cease and Deist orders for all foreclosure activity in the Granville district."

"I am establishing a courthouse and international Court of Law, in Atlanta, Georgia; to prosecute those that violate Mosaic Law of the authentic owners of North America, to prosecute those that violate the organic United States Constitution, US Supreme Court rulings, International Treaties; that are based on principles of the Hebrew Bible, and prosecute those operating under fraudulent color of law, injuring, murdering and stealing from the inhabitants in the Granville District."

"I am currently recruiting Civil and Military personnel to protect and enforce laws of this Nation/Embassy under International Law; and provide jobs, food, shelter, education and medical care to North American aboriginal, indigenous heirs and foreign nationals that are not exclusive citizens of the United States of America."

"I shall not beg, petition or picket for my inheritance from European immigrants that have committed heinous crimes, slavery, fraud, racketeering, corruption, etc., which occupy/steal the land of my family and people. I will take and secure my inheritance under International Law, and used International Law, and Sovereign and Indigenous Rights to protect it, says Ambassador Rechayahu Ben Harvey.

Rechayahu Ben Harvey, Ambassador Extraordinary and
Embassy of the Principality of Granville
(678) 243-0079



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     Bro.Ben, You got it all wrong. How does one give away something that he/she does not own?

    This same  king Chas.2 also gave Wmn Penn Jr. the territory of Penn, Dela. and N.J.He never owned those properties either.

      You ref. the book of Ezra. Let me ref. the book of Gen. Before the Hebrews, the Christians, Islam Judaism or any other man-made belief system: There Were/Are Black-Human-Beings  aka The OLMECS  see They Came Before Columbus.

    It all started here:

    "I will cause Enmity to come between your seed and the Mud-ball Woman's seed." The Adversary's Seed was Caine, the murderer of his half brother Abel; the first manifestation of the Enmity."  As a result Caine was destined to travel the Earth as a Paranoid, Marauding Vagabond, afraid he'd meet his death lurking behind every tree. Due to Caine's sniveling, The Creator caused a simi-protective and unmistakable mark to be placed on Caine; one that whoever met him saw this mark and would know not slay him. Yet, due to the lack 0f adequate Melanin in the skin of Caine and all of his descendants he and they are highly susceptable to Melanoma(skin cancer) anywhere he or his descendants traveled on the Planet, except where the Sun's shine was very limited. This decree was made before the flood of Noah. Yet the wile Adversary managed to survive even that Deluge via the wives of Noah and his sons. Gen.6:1-6. " The God from on high's Sons (the Mud-Ball Kids) espied the Serpent's Seed Girls and were beguiled and seduced by them." Thus the perpetuation of the Adversary's Seed after the Flood via the descendants of Japheth. (see the Colophons of Abraham) by Com. P.J. Wiseman  



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