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Poor Whites Should Ally With Blacks

Racism is stupid. Racism is evil. But, enter the great white racist hope of the Republican Party and America elected him president. He won every white demographic including college-educated white women despite his record of sexual harassment. To show his gratitude he has become even more openly  racist.

Poor white Americans are particularly attracted to racism, but this is at their peril. As I pointed out in my book, “Leave the Rat Race to the Rats”, they are being duped by Republicans and should really ally themselves politically with blacks. As I state in my book:

“Poor white Americans have been manipulated politically by divide-and-conquer through white backlash, (white backlash - backlash by white racists against black civil rights advances). There are clever Republican propagandists who have convinced  many white people, especially poor white people, that  the government or the Democratic Party favors blacks over whites.

How ridiculous! Blacks have higher unemployment rates, higher mortality rates, get lower wages, suffer greater homelessness, receive inferior education, worse healthcare and more.
Poor white people have no advocates on their behalf because they are poor. Now if they were middle class, that would be a different story. Black politicians are better for poor white people because they are generally the only advocates for poor people.
As mentioned before, instead of helping white poor people, ruthless Republicans depend on using white backlash as a distraction. It works too because they have become experts at it. But poor white people had better realize that white backlash will not put food on their table, provide healthcare for them when they are sick, will not bring their jobs back from overseas, protect them from exploitation when they work at Walmart and so on. They have got to realize that poor black people are not their enemy. The white poor need a living wage too. They are politically impotent like black people too.

The Cavalry

by Michael Irving Phillips


             Poor people


             Hidden in the cracks of our society

             Our technologically advanced society


             Growing in numbers

             Uncomfortably so

             Growing more visible

             Embarrassingly so

             But growing weaker

             Accountably so

             For who now defends the poor?

             Is that a worthy cause no more?

             Who now cares about their plight?

             Who gives a damn?

             Who'll take a stand on their behalf?



             Not bleeding hearts, in disarray

             Around their chests, the traitors,

             Most now have tourniquets

             Fastened by little embroidered alligators.

             Politicians with their silicon chips

             Compute the votes

             Too few to matter

             Besides fund raising dinners

             Are a hundred dollars a platter.

             Not nascent Christians, alas

             With hypocritical piety

             Busy building Babels

             Or trying to widen the eyes of needles

             Through which to let camels pass.

             Compassion, you see is out of date

             "Disregard those poor unfortunate

             They have themselves to blame

             Off my back

             Stay out my way

             With that philosophy

             I'll be rich someday."

             "Charity begins at home."

             Is the biblical justification

             If Heaven is filled with Christians like these

             Give me the brimstone and damnation.


             But poor people, do not despair

             Though deserted by traditional allies 


             For the cavalry is here

             The black cavalry is here

             Though undermanned and overmatched

             Black leaders still stand fast

             No retreat

             No retreat to acquiescence

             Experienced fighters to the last

             Experienced in their many battles

             Against injustice

             Against bigotry

             Against poverty

             Against defamation

             To the rescue

             To the rescue

             Of not just the poor

             But also to the conscience of the nation.

Editor, Hot Calaloo
1."Leave the Rat Race to the Rats"
2. "Boycott Money and Save Your Soul
- Launching The Goodwill Revolution".
3. "Poems For Husbands and Other Underdogs"

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