Poem: Heavenly Father

                              Heavenly Father

Oh !Abba I know that you’re by my side .

"But ,Why oh why, do i still have these tears in my eyes ?

" Take my hand come dance with me .

"Embrace me with love ,Abba comfort me .

" Usher me into your dwelling place.

"Stretch Out your wings Abba , show me your face .

" For i want to see your train in full .

"To Behold My elohim , the one who Rules .

" The heavens and earth , The skies too .

" The Angels Bow Down and Worship You .

" For you were the Lamb , Worthy to be Slain

" Glory , Glory to Your Mighty Name .

" Take the shackles off my feet .

"Cleanse me from all iniquity .

" Break the Curses from way back when ,So

they won’t come up Again,

"Cleanse my Heart let it be Pure ,

connect my mind together with yours.

" For I want to be , Who you would have me to be Abba .

" Make my enemies a , Foot Stool for me .

" Give me dominion , Like in the beginning of time !

" And ,what ever i touch Abba, let it be Mine .

" If i speak it ." Bring it to pass .

" For know Good Things ,You would withhold , From me .

" If i walk up right , That's what your word says .

" For your so Sweet , And your so kind .

" The Earth is yours , And so it is Mine .

" My Heavenly Abba So full of Grace .

" Behold the day , I See Your Face .

" Heavenly Abba "

Written by ChiefProsperity Aka (Ebonie)

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