Sunday, June 27, 2010
Plato Negro's Republic and Morality

Plato Negro's Republic and Morality

There are those who claim we don't want a nation of saints or holy men and women. For sure, we don't need a theocracy, a nation ruled by the religious clergy. Iran has destroyed any desire for such a nation of religious purists, and the Taliban have put nails in the coffin. The pall bearers in Saudi Arabia make us repel at the notion of a nation under the rule of Sharia or Islamic law, and Christian America has negated any possibility of a theocracy in the name of Jesus. The Bible belt in the South is a land of ignorance no civilized human being would want to inhabit. Such mythological ignorance is totally unacceptable in the modern world of the new millennium.

Yet the secular nation is a travesty of morality with its notion of total freedom that is anathema to moral consciousness. For as the Pointer Sisters cried Free me from my freedom, the secular nation has failed to halt the animal nature of man from approaching the abyss, since he and she are now free to marry a tree, no matter that a tree shall not perpetuate the species, yet, in the name of freedom, one has every right to marry a tree.

We are taught about the balance, the Mizan, Ma'at, and other terms that denote avoiding the extremes, for it is the extremes that take us to the outter limits wherein we sink too deep to resurface and come up for air, thus we drown.

In our time, we have seen the revolutionary nations turn reactionary, repressive-- as oppressive as the regimes they overthrew. So what was the point of all the shedding of blood and bones? Only to change the names of the oppressor from white to black. Is a black hangman better than a white hangman?

You say morality should be a personal thing? But in recovery they say the addict affects seven other people, therefore our behavior affects others, it is not personal but communal. When my play One Day in the Life was performed in Brooklyn, New York at Sista's Place, Viola Plummer of Sista's Place said, "What upset me about the play is the selfishness of the addict in pursuing his goal of self destruction, totally ignoring the concern of those who love him."

Thus we are caught in a love net, connected with those we love and who love us, and therefore we must do our very best to honor and respect this love, for ultimately love is all there is. Once the sand drips out of the hour glass of love, the relationship in over, dead in the water.

And so we must strive to do good by each other, not harm, not abuse and terror. The recklessness and evil we subject each other to in our relationships must be totally unacceptable in the Republic of North American Africans.

This is why I call for a Republic of North American Africans with great caution, for no one that I know wants to be in a nation of nigguhs! Let me repeat, nigguhs! Nobody wants to be with nigguhs, not even nigguhs! Ask them, I beg you!

Ideally, it would be, yes, a nation of saints, but let's be real, few people are able to reach high spiritual consciousness. We are not talking about persons steeped in religiosity, quoting various scriptures in the variety of religions. But we are seeking persons with the spirit of the Divine in their heart and in their social activism to relieve oppression and suffering wherever it may be, first of all in their nation, yes, in the Republic of North American Africans.

Have we not seen enough of greed and materialism, and what is the end of this endeavor? What is the end of those who drown in trinkets and gadgets? Is it not insane to see the former revolutionaries in South Africa become billionaires while the masses are yet without housing, electricity, water, toilets, health clinics and schools. Yet you were a revolutionary, now you are a billionaire flying in your private jet while you people suffer ignorance, poverty and disease.

This is not the revolution we see for we have a Pan Africa full of such abject revolutionary failures. How can it be that out of all the nations in Africa that gained independence from colonialism, only Ghana is the example of righteousness and democratic consensus?

In America, we probably would have advanced our revolutionary national liberation movement had we practiced high morals, discipline and spiritual consciousness, honoring our ancestors, elders, the living and the yet unborn. But we disrespected all the above, submitted to our animal selves, shouted freedom, yet oppressed our women, beating them into submission when they spoke out against our moral and political contradictions. Why are we beating them, they cried as our children watched in horror, why don't you go beat the white man?

So how can we move forward to the next level with the ghosts and demons not exorcised? We are like the dope addict who lives in denial that he has a problem, yet the community can see he has turned into a zombie of himself, a skeleton of the man who used to be the hero, come to save us all.

In short, there can be no Republic of North American Africans who insist on maintaining the immorality of their wretched past in the wilderness of North America. No, no, no, it must not be that kind of party. That party is over. You can't enter the Republic with negrocities, only if you are prepared to enter recovery. You must be prepared to detox, recover and discover your divine mission in life as a spiritual being in human form.

--Marvin X
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  • South
    You speak truth, Brother. I wish I had a way with words as you do. I would love to have this type of society. Yes! Bad ways will affect other people. I lived with a mum who abused drugs and alcohol and brought predators into the house. Some would say that was her own behaviour that only affect her as she was the one arrest for DUI but it affected my life. I learned how my grandmother did the same with my mum by being drunk all the time and sending her away to live at places that were not nice so Grandma could party and chase men. This has affected two generations. We do need recovery from this shit and detox from American life. I thought being in the Bay Area for a month would be a Nirvana. I found it being in a fucking wilderness and glad to be home. I started to feel the same neurosis as family. Being around dysfucntion does affect all around.
  • West
    Rudolph Lewis
    Marvin, it sounds to me that your emphasis is not "Black Nationalism." Your emphasis, like that of the Nation of Islam (before and after Elijah Muhammad), is that of moral and ethical uprightness. But even at their best, the Nation was not able to achieve that uprightness 100 percent.

    Neither in its leaders nor in its followers. But you want ... See Morethat uprightness as a prerequisite before entering the "kingdom." And if one was able to achieve that objective “before,” there is no guarantee that it can be sustained “after.”

    It is a post-Exodus dilemma that even 40 years of wandering in the Sinai desert could not accomplish in the Hebrew people. Nationalism was then a dream and by your definition of nationalism now "Freedom land" (a place free of immorality and unethical behavior) remains a dream. Your idealism, Marvin, thus cannot sustain the realities of nation or nationhood.

    Loving you madly, Rudy

    Rudolph Lewis, Editor
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    Marvin X

    Rudy, of course we cannot expect 100% perfection. Surely, you have heard the perfect man is a laughing stock. And even God said find me one righteous man and I shall save the town. You know what happened. If we are going to be the new oppressors, there is no need to fight oppression. If we want our children to be new nigguhs, there is no need to teach them anything, just leave them alone in their negrocities. But despite what you say or think, there is a force moving in the universe and it is divine consciousness, whether you believe it or not, whether you can feel it or not.

    I can only tell you when I published Beyond Religion, toward Spirituality, there were and are those who approach my book with the attitude of immediate acceptance and understanding or those who refuse to even consider the title. Those of spiritual consciousness will say that they share the concept, they know where I'm coming from, they are with me, there is One Mind of which we all are a part.

    And then the others want no part of the concept of Beyond Religion, toward Spirituality. They don't want to read the book because it will take them out of their comfort zone and they don't want to be disturbed, leave them in their bubble, let them stay in the box of religiosity.

    So perhaps there shall be a nation of nigguhs and a separate nation of others pursuing a higher level of consciousness, who recognize we are indeed spiritual beings in human form. And those of higher spiritual consciousness shall finally transcend the Sisyphusian myth/ritual of eternal damnation and corruption to reach the upper room.

    Are you telling me we shall eternally beat our wives, rape and plunder, rob and steal, betray each other and repeat the same rituals we learned and practiced from enslavement?

    We are better than this, we are better than Negroes, Americans, Africans, Muslims, Christians, Communists and all the rest, we can reach the ultimate level of Divine consciousness.

    It begins with a thought, or maybe a dream, a vision, a prayer, a hope, a faith, a work, an action, and then it becomes real, a reality. We cast off our negrocities. It only requires us to do things right for the first time in our lives, since most of us have never done anything right, thus we are like some of the white students I used to teach in the universities who informed me they had no knowledge of truth. What the hell is this truth I'm talking about? Don't act like you don't know what is right or how to do right. What I hear is fear, and we know the only thing to fear is fear itself.

    Have we been down in the hole so long we cannot look up, and yet in the hole one can only look up, move on up. So we shall either stay in the hole or climb out, remove the dirt and grime and change our clothes, put on something new and fresh smelling.

    Don't tell me once a nigguh always a nigguh. Yes, the Nation had weaknesses, as does the Church and religious temples, but again, there are those in the process of transcending religiosity and other foibles.

    Africa will not move forward until she does the same. It shall not advance until she cleans up her house of funk, corruption, presidents for life, devils in black face, robbers in black face, thieves in black face, enslavers in black face, rapists in black face.

    No, there shall be no Republic of North American Africans if they want to come into the house funky, dirty and nasty. Stay with the white man and wallow in his filth, slime and mud.

    Even when you come into the jail cell with socalled Negroes, they make you get in the shower and wash yo ass. They will not allow you to get in your bunk without washing yo ass.

    We are not doomed to funk. We are funky because we wannabe, thus we have gotten used to funk, but we must demand a higher standard since we know we come from a people greater than blue.
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