With 70% home foreclosures in the African American Community, why is 3rd Ward Ald. Pat Dowell The only One speaking out about the 2,500 Home Foreclosure on with 17 other Aldermen RUNNING!


WOW! As I drive around the 18 African American Alderman Wards I saw hundreds of homes boarded–up properties, but I never really paid attention to it until I listen to 3rd Ward Alderman Pat Dowell raise the issue a few days ago. Now I don’t know if she is raising this issue because she feels the foot steps of Young Tillman or what, but at least she is raising it? This is the kind of issue that if all 18 aldermen should be speaking out on.  This issue imagine what an impact they would have if they were collectively as a unit with one voice it would have such an impact on our community.


See before I go messing with any other ward I judge it by the Sixth Ward just drive down St. Lawrence, Rhodes, Champlain, and Evans from 75th to 99th and just count the number of home boarded up in our ward. Now if Ald. Lyle’s stepped out side of her own home on her block and look around she could see the problem first hand. Just look at her own Ward she could see the problem is SERIOUS, but do she care I submit that she don’t why should she care she is doing ok and her friends are doing ok so that’s all that matter.


I remind you that on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 we can vote for change in our community people vote your interest, vote your unemployed son or daughter’s interest, and vote If some one is going to be getting paid to make our life better let’s make it someone that we can hold accountable all four years not just doing the election year.

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