Enslaved, embarrassed, indentured and revenged. The past 10 years has been a doctoral degree thesis journey, in and out of freedom. Enslaved to debt, allowed me to find a plantation to do my work while receiving few crumbs that allow me to sloooowly repay debt. Thus being a indentured servant then after brief stunts as a free person of color was a hard adjustment. Humbled by the persons of color whom was designated and self designated to break me in ala kinta kunte.

I was a threat to the pecking order, to their consciousness or unconsciousness...I fought back quietly and continually. felt and was told i must work hard to prove my worth and to stay on the plantation. I did prove worth and gain respect. The God of my understanding kept me alive, although the stress or the constant fear of a tough lashing form my overseers that would report directly to the owner of the plantation...having endured being one of the most capable enslaved afrikan and the most underpaid is worthy of a book. No one could out work me, out think me in areas of creativity and no one had the universal respect and contacts in the community.

Overcoming the debt and creating a few more inches of breathing room i could now exercise my expertise to assist the folks that i was hired to assist. Most were lost and turned out as I was from time to time..many times because of my own will and the counter pressure of the forces working to control me and or kill me.

Well as in the movie "GONE with the Wind", over time i was alive and had created access and freedom to work as i pleased and roam as needed to be both effective at work and less stressful at play.

To watch the overseers of color get exposed for their weaknesses and insecurities. To watch the non people of color rape the plantation and move on, and now to experience the plantation crumble before my eyes and the plantation master drift into darkness, powerless and penniless. His generals and captains and sergeants all deserted him, and one of the only people concerned to assist on my own free will is the old whipping boy, he had come to rely on as I became the rock in which the work of the plantation and its mission had began to live our its calling (or attempted to ).

I must admit getting a close eye view is so revealing as the 21st century civil war is as bloody as the 19th century ever was...stay tuned as i plan to travel to the low country of south carolina and the homeland of africa. One goal is to recharge and establish a import / export information and education for my families next generation..The struggle continues
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  • NYMetro
    um, huh , huh huh, emotions, thoughts I had forgotten that I had expressed, emotions returned while re-read..seems like decades ago, truth is less than 5-6 months
  • Europe
    Bro. Shipman, Jr. , this is about to happen again.
    Audio Surfaces of Imam Rauf Calling on U.S. to Support Sharia Law
    Note: Sharia law also protects the husband. He can abuse, mutilate and even murder his wife.
  • Europe
    Bro Shipman Jr.
    Here are some additional links toward your blog;

    Descendants of African slaves in America were never legally freed by the Emancipation Proclamation a false document. Also, descendants of U.S. slaves are not required to pay taxes. Why? They are still in slavery. How? Slaves were transferred from the U.S. Plantation aka Old slave owners to the U.S. Congress (Charles Rangel etc.) aka New slave owners.

    Not only should the slave descendants get Reparations for slavery. Also, American land should be returned to the REAL AMERICANS aka Native-Americans aka Indigenous people. And America should return states belonging to Mexico. Other territories such as Hawaii and Alaska should be returned to those Indigenous People. Those of us not Indigenous People should return to our own land.
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