Saturday, June 26, 2010

For Sister Njere Aghanee, in memoriam

Parable ofPlato Negro's
Republic of North American Africans

Ifyou are not for yourself, who shall be for you? Those who are for
everybody are often for nobody. For sure, all nations move in their
national interests. Even the most revolutionary internationalist nation
will give you up when it is in their national interest to do so. Black
in the 60s, the Algerian Government gave refuge to the Black Panther
Party until some BPP
members hijacked a plane with a million dollar ransom aboard. When they
landed in Algeria, the Panthers were jailed and the million dollars
seized, simply because the Algerians were negotiating a thirteen billion
dollar natural gas contract with America, so it was obviously not in
their national interest to aid some crazy Negroes with a million when
they were seeking billions. So much for revolutionary internationalism.

BlackPanther revolutionary Asata Shakur, exiled in Cuba, better watch her
ass when the post-Castro government normalizes relations with the
Gringos. At one point the USA Black Caucus supported her extradition,
claiming they didn't know who she was. Beware, for a few pieces of fried
chicken, Negroes might again support the extradition of revolutionary
Queen Asata.

Wemust understand there are reactionary nationalists and revolutionary
nationalists. In China, the reactionary nationalist was Chiang Khi- shek, the uncle
tom nationalist, that Mao, the revolutionary nationalist, ran to the
island of Taiwan. Lumumba in the Congo was a revolutionary
nationalist, Mobutu a reactionary.

As per China, have no doubt,these days she is making moves in her national interests, and she
doesn't give a damn about internationalism, some would claim she has
lost her revolutionary edge, yes, to pursue her national interests. She
will close down native factories in Africa to force cheap Chinese goods
upon the continent, and of course reactionary African leaders will go
along since they have a penchant for aiding and abetting the suffering
of their people.

Those who believe in majority rule must surelyembrace the coming rule of the BRIC nations: Brazil, Russia, India and
China. Where is Africa in the new paradigm? North American Africans
strive to be Pan African, but do not come to the table as a nation
state, perhaps de
facto, but the North American African Pan Africanists
are largely a group of intellectuals spouting internationalist rhetoric
because they have no base in the North American African community, thus
they cannot represent themselves as legitimate leaders of the Republic
of North American Africans. No one elected them, there has been no vote,
no consensus. Thus they represent a variety of groups and individuals,
mainly out for their own interests and self aggrandizement , many of
whom are pure unadulterated opportunists who make "world tours" raising
millions and billions of dollars in the name of North American
Africans, while the masses never see a dime. Some of these individuals
align themselves with reactionary oppressive leaders, for a fee, of
course, and spread propaganda in support of repressive African, Arab and
other right wing leaders.

North American Africans must firsteducate our people regarding the concept of national sovereignty and
the human right to self-determination, then get a consensus from the
people to represent them on the international level, only then can they
approach other nations in the name of the forty million North American
Africans. More importantly, as Baba Lumumba notes, we must first get a
consensus on freedom. Is freedom a job, a land, winning political
office, marrying a white woman, an abundance of trinkets and
gadgets--what the hell do we collective agree is freedom?

Otherwise,our national interests shall be pursued by "leading blacks" (the usual
suspects), individuals and groups of opportunists out for their personal
interests, not the people's.

Our Black President Obama cannotrepresent North American Africans while afraid to utter the word Black,
afraid to openly uplift the poor and oppressed North American Africans
and others--yet he is not afraid to uplift international financiers, to
uplift the USA military hegemony around the world. How can our "Black"
President represent imperialism and the oppressed simultaneously ?

Theremust be a clear distinction between the reactionary US government and a
radical/revolutionary Republic of North American Africans. We give
honor and praise to those valiant brothers and sisters throughout our
history who fought to establish a nation of North American Africans. We
honor Garvey, Elijah, Malcolm, Queen Mother Moore, Ella Collins, and
those in the Republic of New Africa, especially ancestor Imari Obdele.

Withthe death of Malcolm X in '65, the transition of Elijah Muhammad in
'75, also the betrayal of elected politicians at the Gary Convention of
'72, nationalism died a tragic death and is today derided by socalled
progressives as narrow minded, especially those proponents of Pan Africanism
and/or Diaspora "studies," which essentially means don't focus on North
American Africans, let's go find bones in Egypt rather than save dry
bones in the hood.

Consequently, the condition of dry bones inthe hood becomes dire by the moment, with young black males being jailed
and imprisoned, and simultaneously young females imprisoned in academia
getting a thorough brainwashing in Western mythology and ritual,
including gender confusion,and/or they struggle in poverty as single
mothers--neither the academic sister nor the ghetto single mother has
much, if any, possibility of finding a husband among their own kind.
Manysisters who reach out to their Pan African brothers end up in sham/scam
marriages so the African can get his Green card, then he is gone home
to his several wives in Africa.

We thought Minister Farakhan wouldadvance the nationalist tradition but he settled for religiosity and
the cult of personality rather than concrete steps to establish a viable
nation of North American Africans. The million men who marched should
have stayed in DC until liberty or death. Yes, what is wrong with
sacrificing one million for forty million? If we had stayed
aroundafter sundown, the US Government would have certainly attended our
agenda requests in a most serious manner. A million black men in DC for
two or three days might have netted us Louisiana, Alabama and

Black intellectuals (in perpetual crisis) haveshifted toward this vague and effete Pan Africanism
rather than focus on a concrete nation state to which we are entitled
for four hundred years of free and nearly free labor and the present
wage slavery and neo-slavery under the constitution, i.e.
involuntary servitude while imprisoned.

Can we not see what theZionist have established in Israel in sixty years? Or look at Pakistan,
carved out of India. We have every right to carve up America--again,
Liberty or death! But, no, let us go down with America, for we are
Americans, no matter what. It is the fate of the gods! What gods, the
gods who dwell in hell?

A revolutionary nationalist focus wouldhave surely enabled us to receive the necessary assistance to recover
from the global financial meltdown, or to have avoided it altogether,
rather than get duped of our national wealth at the insistence of our
"leading blacks."

A nationalist perspective and organizationwould have allowed North American Africans to receive the necessary help
and assistance during Katrina when our Pan African and internationalist
brother nations tried to aid us but were prevented by the reactionary
US regime. We are thus very similar to the Palestinians in the Gaza
concentration camp. We are thus is a pitiful situation as supposedly
free men and women.

As truly free men and women, we may have hadthe insight and foresight to prevent the oil barons from polluting the
Gulf coast by denying them deep ocean drilling rights if we controlled
the Gulf states--as we should in any legitimate reparations agreement.
Anything less than three states is poppycock. We have the human and
divine right after four centuries of free labor to own at least three of
these fifty odd states in the United Snakes of America.

Yourpreachers, teachers, and politicians have sold you a out for a mess of
pottage, from which you may never recover--you may very well be doomed
to enjoy the destruction of your master.
Time is short. Do you notsee the oceans coming to consume us for the evil of your master?

Theentire Gulf coast may soon be contaminated due to the greed and
arrogance of your master, yes, even your master in black face, whose
support and bailout of international finance propels the oil barons to
continue their banditry and destruction of the planet.

NorthAmerican Africans must see another course of action, an agenda that is
independent and free of American decadence and destruction. The Republic
of North American Africans is your alternative. Other than annihilation
, you have no choice.

Pontificate and equivocate as the waterrises, as other nations move in their interests. Take note of your
neighbors throughout the Americas, in Brazil, Nicaragua, Bolivia,
Ecuador, Cuba, Venezuela and elsewhere as they establish their national
sovereignty and self determination, not since the campaign of Simon
Bolivar and Toussaint's
revolt in Haiti. They are freeing themselves of US hegemony and you
must do the same. Otherwise, you are less than human beings and shall
continue to be treated as such. Malcolm X told you a hint to the wise is

Up you mighty nation, Republic of North AmericanAfricans! By the way, did you cheer for Ghana or America in the World
Cup today? lol
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  • West
    Rudolph Lewis:

    You have made some interesting points on nationalism and lack of black leadership.I've wondered whether the conversation has been cast wrongly when we use terms like "diversity" and "multicultural." These terms reference the personal and cultural.

    Wonderfully, Marvin, you have skirted both of these visions. For they are employed in a political context when we are not really serving fully conscious (nationalist) political work.... See More

    Maybe instead of speaking of a multi-cultural America, we should speak of a "multinational" America. That is indeed what you're getting at. In ways the thinking of most of Negro Americans runs along a black nationalist vein, but couched still in an integrationist hope.

    Whites (at least about half) are not for Black assimilation into mainstream America, fully into the middle class. Much of the backlash to the assertion of this reality is met with white backlash, violence, and the threat of violence.

    As you know (and suggest) there is no organization that champions political black nationalism. The main integrationist organs have retreated back to their old positions before the late 1970s, namely, such organizations as NAACP and Urban League. I suppose we should include the Tavis Smiley groupings as well.

    These organs court corporate financing and governmental largesse. They serve the few rather than the impoverished masses. There remains a need for a black political party that consistently argues and stands for black nationalist aims. But we are lacking black political scientists who will struggle on that basis.

    Loving you madly, Rudy

    Reply to Rudy:

    Marvin X

    I think the first task is a consensus on freedom. That will take us off zero as in Negro. Imagine a prison break where some inmates want to strike out the gates, liberty or death, while others just want to do their time, others want more amenities, tv, better food, less work, higher pay. There is now confusion, nigguhs snitching, crying crocodile tears, etc. Maybe we need to put a gun upside nigguhs heads, as per Harriet Tubman, and march us forward, or as Elijah said, we must force black unity! The Pointer Sisters had a song, Free Me From My Freedom, so immediately after a consensus on freedom we must move to a Sun Ranian mode of high discipline and eternal vigilance until we achieve victory. There must be a constant struggle to resolve contradictions and purge enemies from without and within. We need only look at the PLO and Hamas to see problems within nationalist groupings. Hamas is similar to the Black Panther Party, except their spiritual dimension makes for better cohesion and discipline. We must take note of this in any future grouping. We cannot strive to freedom yet maintain animal qualities.
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