Parable of Dr. Yacoub's America

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Parable of Dr. Yacoub's America

Inthe populist black studies of Elijah Muhammad, we are taught a big-headscientist genetically engineered the white man by separating thedominant and recessive genes from the aboriginal Asiatic black man.Yacoub's bio tech lab was not much different from the bio-tech labsoperating in Berkeley and Emeryville, a few blocks from my house. Wehave no doubt they have cloned a man in these labs, but are simplydelaying the announcement.

According to Elijah's Myth of Yacoub,the young scientist found the magnetic attraction between two pieces ofsteel. We maintain America is the land of Yacoub's children who loveplaying with steel. America spends a trillion dollars making weapons ofsteel, making her the number one arms merchant of the world. Childrenin the hood are addicted to steel as well, whether guns to mainly killeach other or cars they turn into weapons of destruction, using cars in"side shows" where people are needlessly injured or killed. The childrenwill stand in the street or walk directly into a two thousand poundpiece of steel and plastic, fearing nothing. If you stop before hittingthem, they will curse you and/or pull out a piece of steel to shoot you.They use steel to resolve all disputes, sometimes before a discussionor conflict resolution.

Yocoub utilized three workers on hisbio-tech project: the doctor, nurse and undertaker. These workersconspired to create the man of steel or devil. They practiced a form ofselective breeding, allowing the black to mate with a brown and a brownwith a lighter person until the white devil was created after hundredsof years, 600 to be exact. Two blacks were not allowed to mate in thisexperiment. Even today, there are some blacks who demand their childrennot marry another black skinned person, only someone lighter. This is nodoubt residue from the Yacoubian psychopathology. If two blacksproduced a baby, the doctor, nurse and undertaker would conspire tomurder the baby to keep the experiment on track.

In modernAmerica, we must note the three workers, doctor, nurse and undertaker,are aided and abetted by workers from the petrochemical andpharmaceutical industry, who are determined to fulfill their wish, "letus make a man." The petrochemical workers produce the food in oil, notearth. As much as possible the crops are genetically engineered. If not,they are created by a healthy dose of insecticides, pesticides,herbicides, fertilizers and dyes.

Naturally, the oil based ratherthan soil based food leads Yacoub's children directly from the fruit ofpetrochemical workers into the hands of pharmaceutical workers inleague with the doctor, nurse and undertaker. The prescription drugdealers connect with insurance companies to guide the patient into thehands of the doctor, nurse and undertaker.

When poor MichaelJackson was found dead at the hands of his doctor, we knew the Myth ofYacoub was alive and well. Michael was so addicted to the Myth of Yacoubthat he exceeded the limit of propriety in attempting to alter hisblackness in favor of the Yacoubian ideal of whiteness. But note hisdoctor administered the hemlock that took him into oblivion.

Thereis almost no way to avoid the scheme or conspiracy of the Yacoubianteam of workers, the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical and funeralagents.

When a man entered prison, the inmates warned him, "Don'tget sick. Whatever you do, don't get sick up in here. There's a prisongraveyard full of nigguhs who got sick." And so it is the same inAmerica, don't get sick. Yacoub's team of workers are eagerly awaitingyou, sharpening their knives until you get to the doctor and nurse, andfinally the undertaker.

The only solution is to avoid living inthe stress zone, for dis-ease is brought about from stress, thus thefood (petrochemical) is useless and dangerous; the medicine(pharmaceutical) is useless and dangerous as it is not designed to healonly prolong the illness unto death. Part of the last rites administeredto the victim of Yacoubism is that ride in a black steel hearse.
--Marvin X

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