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Over 100 Years Later, The Miseducation Of The Negro Should Not Be Relevant

Over 100 Years Later, The Miseducation Of The Negro Should Not Be Relevant


C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

I have read Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s book, “The Miseducation Of The Negro” some 20 years a part.  First as a college student at Jackson State University and second as member of a a leadership program a few years ago.  What is often not know is that Dr. Carter G. Woodson was a member of Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity Inc. and it was his fraternity that created the concept of Negro History Week and ask Dr. Woodson to spearhead the effort.  

What saddens me today is the lack of Black Men with the courage to provide leadership for the Black African American Community.  Sure, we have Black Faces in high places in all areas, but they have neither the courage or consciousness to address the current conditions of Black African American People.  Our unemployment and poverty levels have not been this high since the Great Depression.  Even President Obama fails to provide leadership, instead offering excuses about how bad it was, or would have been, exPresident Bush or the Republicans or it takes time.  Leaders solve problems without excuses. He showed leadership when it came to bailing out the banks and auto industry.  I guess it’s okay to let Black People Fail. 

Black People should be held accountable for our own insane behavior of electing the same fail leaders who continue to not lead.  We are mesmerized by great speeches that makes us  feel proud and warm an fuzzy on the inside, while being unable to earn a descent living, pay bills or provide for our family.

I never like to offer criticism without offering solutions.  I've written a  Black Empowerment Plan entitled "The Quiet Resolution" or "TQR".  I've submitted several business proposals to President Obama and his administration; a National High Speed Rail Transportation System, a renewable energy solution, and a United States Postal Services Solutions that would have created million of jobs and turned this economy around.  I have also written an eBook entitled "Reparations Now! For Black African Americans And Here's What We Want", which provides a 21st century strategy for getting and using Reparations for our empowerment that includes a dual strategy for self empowerment, incase Reparations are denied.

As a conscious writer, poet, singer, innovator, inventor and entrepreneur, I seek to collaborate without greed in an effort to uplift and empower Black African Americans. This can be done without the need to promote hate of others, fear or control.  We are a mighty race of people with the ideas, skills and ability to change our current conditions within one year with determine and unafraid leadership who would rather die, than participate in and be rewarded for the helping to maintain our people in their current conditions.  A majority of Black African Americans are asleep, unconscious or drunk with the wine of a Blackman in the White House. We have more churches, preachers, fraternities and sororities and nonprofits organizations than we ever had, whose role is the serve the "Poverty Industrial Complex" that help to maintain Black People in Poverty.  Their leadership has a direct correlations to our current conditions.

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Comment by DR. KOFI AGYAPONG on December 29, 2011 at 10:34am

This writer is also miseducated. He, like all the Negroes in USA thinks the solution to Africans problems in America lies in employment. I want him and all who reads this comment to note that both Booker T. Washington, and W.E.B. Dubois did not realize that "man does not live by bread alone". You, Negroes should take a look at W.E.B. Duboisj' later days and find out how he justified Marcus Garvey in Ghana. But let us face our realities here in these United States. We must survive here in this wilderness and most of us do not even see we are in a sujourn. How then do we sing the Lord's song in a strang country? In as much as we think we can survive by demanding civil rights, reparations and etc and other deceiving social rhetorics, we are in trouble. All we need to do is find out how others have solved their problems. Look at B' Nai B'rith or LARAZA and we will go a long way in solving some of our problems. With all the knowldge that Africans in America have aquired from European Americans, why is it that Africa is still not developped? It is because all the so called "Negroes" like my classmetes in Howard Law School and even Akwasi Akyeampons are miseducated. Unless we start to understand Marcus Garvey, we will waste our time in pursuit of futilities. Africa is too rich for its descendants to be as poor as we are. But both the Negroes in Africa and the Negroes in America see nothing but poverty when resources are about in our "native land". We cannot see it because we are not "true to our God and true to our native land" What is the native land of the Negroes. It is Africa. And what is our God. It is the God of Africa not the "white face supremacist God" in our churches. We have work to do and I need Kwasi Achampong to help. Dr. Kofi Agyapong

Comment by keith jackson on December 29, 2011 at 8:41am

I too have read the book and use it (and also Up from Slavery and Souls of Black folks)as a reference from time to time. I agree with your assessment and thank you for your efforts to provide solutions. I hear the frustrations but thank you anyway for not giving up. The question that comes to my mind now is, what do you see that the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is doing these days that supports the Woodson ideal.   I do not mean in any personal or philanthropic way to your efforts, just what are they doing in general that the general public should support.  For instance the Alphas claim MLK, so that at least keeps their name out there. (The details I am not clear for them either)

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