December 23, 2019


                      RE: Reparations for Descendants of Slaves

I watched the December 19, 2019 Presidential Candidate Debate with interest. With great difficulty I searched for candidates’ concerns for descendants of Slaves, per se, and never found any signs of it. However, there was much favoritism for Hispanics and Latinos. As far as I am concerned, if Spanish speaking peoples want American citizenship, then I wish them all the very best. Which candidates represent descendants of Slaves? What about descendants of Slaves who are the real victims of ethnic cleansing? Enslavers made it their business to hide the nationalities, cultures, and societies of their Slaves, even their names. They made our remembrance to cease from among men.

When the candidates were asked to speak on Reparations, not all were asked to address the topic, however, Mayor Pete focused on equality, equity, and H.R. 40 (John Conyers’ H.R. 40 Bill to Study Reparations for Descendants of Slaves) that has been lying dormant for decades. Senator Klobuchar didn’t touch the matter at all. The former Vice President Joe Biden seemed to either forget the topic or purposefully focused on immigration for Hispanics, instead. And ironically, the presenters failed to inform Klobuchar and Biden that they had not answered the question.

In my opinion none of these candidates qualifies to represent descendants of Slaves who have suffered horrific cruelty, racism, discrimination, oppression, and suppression since being kidnapped from the shores of Africa unto this day. Descendants of Slaves as a group have lacked an opportunity to prosper with dignity, respectability, and authority. We have nothing resembling privilege, empowerment, and philosophy in this society worthy of being passed down to our progeny. But rather, in these United States we are deemed inferior and are compelled to live and assume the ways of White Supremacy that minimizes and all but destroys descendants of Slaves.

When it comes to Reparations for the descendants of Slaves there are specific factors that must be deliberated. The Crimes against Black Humanity are deplorable and the victims must be served justice.

The following atrocities must now be addressed and no longer ignored and delayed:

  1. Forced Migration
  2. The Slave Trade
  3. Enslavement
  4. This captivity and our FREEDOM

Our forefathers were kidnapped and brought to these shores. It is our Human Right to EXODUS out of this land that holds us captives, as well as, our right to obtain FUNDS to resettle elsewhere.

Certain politicians and others from academia have said that Reparations are due descendants of Slaves, but they are not clear as to how it should be distributed. Not all descendants of Slaves choose to leave out of the United States, and I cannot speak for them. I can only represent those of us who pray to the CREATOR GOD of this Heaven and Earth for Deliverance, so that we be able to control our own lives. Therefore, it is imperative for us to acquire Reparations to emigrate elsewhere for our independence and to establish admirable lives for our children. Our desires are to live in dignity, without fear of a racist police force bent on killing us and without having to deal with issues involving race every day of our lives.

Reparations are not to be used to solve America’s racism and to help bring the country together, as some candidates seem to think. Reparations are not for student loans, medical insurance, debts, upgrading the infrastructure, or for public education. Governments and taxes are devised to cover these expenses.

Reparations are for the descendants of Black Slaves who lost their freedom, slaving under quotas of blood, sweat, tears, and a burning sun. Reparations are also for the separation of young babies from their parents and for the separation of spouses who were sold to other Enslavers. Reparations are for the FREE LABOR of our forebears who experienced agonizing cruelty every single day of their enslavement. Reparations are for righting the wrongs done to a defenseless Black People who were denied justice and liberty to make their own choices.

Reparations are not for the government or others to determine how descendants of Slaves should expend this payment for the Slave Trade, enslavement, and captivity. We, the descendants of Slaves who are in the United States will determine how this restitution is to be paid. We will determine our own future, and we will invest for our own children. 

It is incumbent upon the United States and the United Nations to corroborate with all Nations that took Blacks against their will and used them for Slave labor to facilitate a REPARATIONS FOUNDATION for all descendants of Slaves worldwide who desire to EXODUS. As for those who decide to stay in the United States, they can determine for themselves, how these monies (Reparations) should be dispensed. No one told the Native Americans, the Japanese, and the White “Jews” how they should use their Reparations, and no one need tell descendants of Slaves, either.  

Those of us who will Exodus and emigrate elsewhere require land for housing, farmland, K-12 Schools and a University, and in addition funds for a teaching staff. We also require monies for small businesses for our livelihoods.  

More importantly if our children are to gain self-esteem after living in a nation determined to sustain a White Supremacist government and society, they must be in a place where they can aspire to excellence and seek endeavors that will enrich their lives. We have learned from the GOD of Israel, that has awakened us to our true identity and to HIS Righteous Book of the Law, that our only alternative to leave out of this affliction and captivity we endure is to return to HIM, obey HIS LAW, and live uprightly, as HE has Commanded of us throughout the “Old Testament”. This we have done, and this we will continue to do.

We are ready to discuss REPARATIONS and our EXODUS and look forward to speaking with members of Congress in order that the Slave Trade of Blacks stolen from Africa may be put to rest.

Most respectfully yours,

The LawKeepers of GOD

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