Thank you, friends, for your latest campaign titled "End the Impunity in Eastern Congo: Hold US Ally to Account".


You and us have been at this struggle for a long time trying to end the genocide and the unspeakable atrocities in the Congo. As you have noted, NOT MUCH has changed in the Congo!  


I am asking that we THINK and ANALYZE and REASON together in order to UNDERSTAND WHY, as you write in your latest campaign,


 "the Rwandan government has a hand in the current instability in eastern Congo" 



"Since 1996, the Rwandan government has acted as a major destabilizing force in the east of the Congo. Myriad studies and reports have documented how the Rwandan government has waged proxy wars through rebel groups, pilfering of Congo's resources and trading in hundreds of millions of dollars of conflict minerals."


In other words:  What are the factors that contribute to allowing Rwanda and Uganda to continue these crimes and the stealing of the Congo's resources for so long and with impunity?


The way most people and organizations approach this horror is as if we were still living during the "Scramble for Africa" when there were NO governments and no nations or national boundaries so that Rwanda, being helped by the US and others, goes in the KIVUS and cause trouble and steal the resources, and there is no government to which the KIVUS belong that can do something about it....



If one takes a look at a map and compare the size of Rwanda to the Congo, one conclusion is that IT IS AN INSULT, actually, to believe that TINY Rwanda can impose its will on any part of the Congo, regardless of THE TYPE AND NUMBER OF ALLIES it has!


Many of these organizations that release all the reports you cite, have an Agenda NOT TO ANSWER THE QUESTION ABOVE and NOT to see a quick end to the Congo atrocities, but Friends of the Congo does not, because it seeks an end to these crimes.




First, let us UNDERSTAND what has been going on:  


What has been going on is equivalent to Mexico (Rwanda) controlling Texas (Kivus) and killing and stealing and raping there with the US (DRC) not being able to get rid of the "Militias" in Texas that insure the continued control of Texas by Mexico...  With some people saying that it is because Mexico has powerful allies...  The question is "What are Americans and their government doing?


Dear Friends:  Mexico WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO CONTROL Texas for a long time if the US has a government that is truly American and a president who is an American and who cares about the TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY AND NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  Just comparing the size of the two countries, Mexico must be crazy, unless it has an ally or a agent at the top of the US government that makes sure that the US does not go to Texas and kick out the Mexicans. Replace Mexico by Rwanda and the US by Congo, and you understand what has been going on.


THUS, if we care about the Congo, let us confront THE REALITY that since 2001 when Laurent Kabila was killed, the so-called "Joseph Kabila" HAS NEVER DENOUNCED, NOR CONDEMNED Rwanda or Paul Kagame, or Museveni or Uganda.  NEVER.  Now, the question is why?  Do you believe that if this guy was Congolese, would he have kept quiet?  Would he have been siding with Rwanda every time an international report accused Rwanda?

Did you know that this chap goes to Rwanda often to confer with Kagame and they both communicate in the Rwandan language of the Kinyarwanda?  What signs has this chap shown that would demonstrate that he cares about the millions killed in the Congo, raped, mutilated, or those millions being displaced?


Do You know WHY?  From the beginning, Paul Kagame KNEW that he had to have a TROJAN HORSE in Kinshasa, if he wanted to control the Kivus and maybe try to annex them...  And who is this Trojan Horse?


When I wrote my book "Genocide in the Congo" in 2000, Laurent Kabila was still alive, but, in it, I did predict that the West and the invaders were getting ready to kill Laurent Kabila... I did not know that the plan of those who were going to kill Kabila was going to be to replace him with a Trojan Horse that will control the Congolese government and help them control eastern Congo for so long now...


So now, what KEEPS us from concentrating on this TROJAN HORSE so that we can end these horrors?


Believe me, Friends, the atrocities in eastern Congo would end quickly, if we concentrate on denouncing and exposing this TROJAN HORSE, and we campaign to get rid of him...


To begin with, HE IS NOT CONGOLESE, by birth or by citizenship... I am speaking, of course, of "Joseph Kabila" whose real name is Hyppolite Kanambe (Please, see attached, a document that gives a glimpse of the many evidence that prove that he is indeed a Rwandan Tutsi).


I know many Congolese who still defend the lies that he, Hyppolite Kanambe, was "adopted" by Laurent Kabila, therefore he is Congolese through "adoption"...  The mere fact that someone sleeps with your mother does not make you his adopted son... And, today, we know that Laurent Kabila was given by Paul Kagame through James Kabarebe as a condition for him to proclaim himself as president of the Congo, he had to introduce Hyppolite Kanambe as "Joseph Kabila, his son"...  Laurent Kabila had more than ten women (wives or concubines) even while he lived in Tanzania in exile.  All he was interested in was to sleep with as many women as he would put his hands on, including the wives of his friends and associates who either disappeared or were killed even by himself, as in the case of Hyppolite Kanambe's biological father, the Rwandan Tutsi Adrien Christopher Kanambe.  Therefore, Laurent Kabila had neither time, nor the foresight, to say, "let me adopt the children of the guy I just got whacked and whose wife I am sleeping with now, maybe one day one of them might take my place if I ever became president of the Congo". 


Laurent Kabila was a "retired" rebel who was used (as Paul Kagame himself has said in a video) by Rwanda and Uganda in their invasion of the Congo and, after they finished using him, they killed him.

"Joseph Kabila" was the Trojan Horse that Kagame, on the advice of James Kabarebe, Hyppolite Kanambe's uncle, placed next to Laurent Kabila, as the agent to watch him and, when the time came, to kill him. Hyppolite Kanambe as a Rwandan army officer and a trained cold blood killer, was more than glad to get rid of the guy who had killed his biological father, even though he was carrying out an order by his master and commander in chief, Paul Kagame... Plus, this assignment has made him a multi-billionaire, according to the study by a British member of Parliament. 


My "Friends of the Congo", you can go to South Africa and interview the first son of Laurent Kabila, Etienne Kabila, or you can send someone to Rwanda and interview the Rwandan general Laurent Nkunda Batware.



Right now, he is using mercenaries from South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda, in Kinshasa...  He's been using them since the last elections (November 28, 2011).  the EU, the UN, and other organizations have reported that he killed so many Congolese because, not only they did not vote for him, but because they kept chanting, "ZONGISA YE NA RWANDA" (send him back to Rwanda).


As Peter Verlinden, a Belgian TV reporter who went to the Congo and reported on the elections in December 2011 said ( ), Not only that his name is Hyppolite Kanambe and he is Rwandan and he lost the elections, but,  "Kanambe could never  win even if he were opposed by a Congolese dog!.".  (Strong words, but TRUE! I did not say these words, the Belgian reporter said them after witnessing the killing, the brutalizing, and the misery of the Congolese at the hands of the Rwandans and the mercenaries working for Hyppolite Kanambe, he could not contain himself and he spoke the truth...


If we CONCENTRATE on REMOVING THE TROJAN HORSE from being imposed on the Congolese government, BELIEVE ME, the Congolese people can put together a force that can bring an end to these atrocities by going to the east and kicking out Paul Kagame's militias, regardless of who are Kagame's allies...  In fact, this is why Kagame and his allies want us to concentrate on Rwanda instead of the Trojan Horse that keeps the huge Congo weak, leaderless, and in abject poverty and misery, and he kills any Congolese that could rise up to lead the Congo, he does all of this in order to allow Rwanda and Uganda to continue their occupation and exploitation of eastern Congo.


As I said in "Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth", Congolese people cannot eat the minerals.  I add that minerals do not kill people...  The main impediment to ending the horrors taking place in the Congo is the Rwandan Tutsi and former officer of Paul Kagame's army, Hyppolite Kanambe masquerading as "Joseph Kabila".  He is the agent who, as "president" of the Congo, makes sure that no one bothers Paul Kagame and the Rwandans, and, as we have seen, he NEVER delivers to the Hague his fellow Rwandans such as Nkunda, Mutebushi, or Bosco Ntanganda.  He protects them and, when eastern Congo becomes too dangerous for them, he sends them back to Rwanda, as in the case of Nkunda Batware, and the world keeps quiet.  He only turn over the Congolese like Bemba and Lumbala....  


By the way, did you know that he lost the last elections? and, as the Catholic Church said, he is being imposed again on the Congolese "IN DEFIANCE" of the will of the Congolese people?


I suggest, dear Friends of the Congo, that we begin to concentrate on getting rid of this Trojan Horse, or, in case you have members who still do not believe this, let us have a conversation on this Trojan Horse and let us talk about the role that he plays in perpetuating the horrors occurring in eastern Congo, in particular, and the misery of the entire Congo in general.


Sincerely yours.


Professor Yaa-Lengi of Congocoalition.


End the Impunity in Eastern Congo: Hold US Ally to Account

The United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DR Congo (MONUSCO ) recently revealed that the Rwandan government has a hand in the current instability in eastern Congo by giving support to the rebel groups National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP) and/or M23. This does not come as news to those who follow Congolese politics. Since 1996, the Rwandan government has acted as a major destabilizing force in the east of the Congo. Myriad studies and reports have documented how the Rwandan government has waged proxy wars through rebel groups, pilfering of Congo's resources and trading in hundreds of millions of dollars of conflict minerals.

The report by MONUSCO is not surprising, but the carte blanche that the Rwandan government enjoys, especially at the international level, continues to boggle the mind. It would appear that the more Rwanda destabilizes the Congo, the more military equipment, training, intelligence and financial aid the government gets from its donors in the West. Timothy Reid's prescient article in the Harvard Policy Journal entitled "Killing Them Softly: Has Foreign Aid to Rwanda and Uganda Contributed to the Humanitarian Tragedy in the Democratic Republic of Congo?" captures the scale of the impunity with which the Rwandan government has operated in Congo with the full backing of its donors.

A staunch ally of the United States and the United Kingdom, the Rwandan government has benefited tremendously from the diplomatic cover and protection that accompanies its relationship with such powerful nations - former New York Times reporter, Howard French explains.

The United States has a law on its books that supporters of the Rwandan government both inside and outside the US government would wish to disappear. The Democratic Republic of The Congo Relief, Security and Democracy Promotion Act (PL 109-456), sponsored by Barack Obama and Co-Sponsored by Hillary Clinton when they were both Senators, was signed into law in 2006 by President Bush.

Section 105 of Public Law 109-456 says "The Secretary of State is authorized to withhold assistance made available under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (22 U.S.C. 2151 et seq.), other than humanitarian, peacekeeping, and counterterrorism assistance, for a foreign country if the Secretary determines that the government of the foreign country is taking actions to destabilize the Democratic Republic of the Congo."

Following a United Nations group of experts report published in 2008 documenting Rwanda's support for the CNDP and its leader at the time, Laurent Nkunda, Sweden and Netherlands did what the United States has not done to date; they held the Rwandan government to account by withholding financial aid. Subsequently, Rwanda demobilized the CNDP and placed Laurent Nkunda under house arrest only to replace him with Bosco Ntaganda as head of the CNDP. Now that Ntaganda has become toxic as a result of increasing demands that he should be brought to the International Criminal Court (ICC) where he is wanted for war crimes in the Congo, there is now an attempt to replace him with Sultani Makenga. Noted scholar of the region Rene LeMarchand stated in the Fall/Winter 2009, Brown Journal of World Affairs that Rwanda is a central actor who will determine whether the region is characterized by peace or war.

Allowing more to die and add to the millions of Congolese already lost to the war and instability of the last fifteen years is unconscionable. It is time that the international community and Rwanda's allies, especially the United States, hold the Rwandan government to account. A good start would be to implement Section 105 of PL 109-456.

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Sign this petition and let President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton know that you stand for peace in the Congo and the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Contact the U.S. State Department, The White House and members of Congress and request that they hold the Rwandan government accountable for its actions in the Congo.

Select Resources that document the Rwandan government's destabilizing role in the Congo

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Human Rights Watch

Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering The Truth
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Friends of the Congo

Kagame Admits that Rwandans Led Revolt in Congo
Washington Post, July 1997

Kagame's Hidden War in the Congo
New York Review of Books
Howard French

United Nations Mapping Exercise Report
Navanethem "Navi" Pillay,
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR)
UN Group of Experts Report
December 2008

The Six Day War, Rwanda and Uganda Battle in Kisangani, DRC

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