Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum

Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum is one of the great buddhist mantra. Om Ma ni Pad me Hum is the purify mantra belongs to compassion of Love God. This is six characters which represents Six relams in the world. The mantra of Awalokiteswor is also a common design on prayer wheels, prayer, mani walls stone and prayer flag. The meaning of Mantra is "Hail to the jewel in the lotus". She has 11 head, one thousand hand. Remember, always walk to the left of mani walls and chortens (stupas) and spin your prayer wheels in a clockwise direction.

Prayer Flags, Prayer wheels, Prayer stones and Mani walls are Buddhist religeous things. Buddhist people respect them. Prayer walls, or mani stone walls, composed of stones that have been intricately carved with sacred words and decorations, known as mani stones, are also widely kept on the trail. 

Budhist religious things kept on highland of Nepal. Prayer flags are strung across high passes, big stones, streams and houses to sanctify the air, pacify the gods and bring merit to the owners. There are several types of prayer flags but in all the colors are highly symbolic and arranged in a specific order: white (air), red (fire), green (water), yellow (earth), and blue (space or ether). Flags can be horizontal (called dardings) or vertical (darchok or chatdar), but all are printed with an image of the wind horse (lungta), which carries the prayers to the four corners. Source:

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