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as everyone knows there was a shooting incident that took place at fort "robbin" hood, where there were over forty people shot, thirteen of them dead after it was all over. and after all the shock and awe had evaporated, in particularly that of white folk whose military ego were damaged, the question that has been asked is why did he do it? well, well, well. when a tedious glance is taken it is apparent as to why he done it. we need not a rocket scientist, to figure out why he did it. he did it solely because he had chosen not to put himself in the position where there might be a high probability that he'd end up killing his own kind under the false pretence of a war on terrorism. he had elevated himself above being an amerikkkan, a united snakes soldier, who is supposedly in the so-called middle east trying to lay the benevolence of so-called democracy. in essence, he chose a solidarity that was based on ethnic, cultural and religious predicates. but white folk and those who have been duped into euro-amerikkanism, including many muslim-amerikkkans, refuse to see that fact, because they can't afford to bring themselves to it for certain psychological reasons that are based on the maintenance of white supremacy, which has costed people of color or non-european descent.

there can be no rationalizing what hasan did beyond being diagnosed as psychopathic or deranged, considering the history of shooting rampages in the wild, wild west. or it is chalked up as another error on the part of the brainchild apparatuses that are suppose to have all their t's crossed and i's dotted. it will be served up as another oversight just like the one that led to 911, when there were warning signs that the pilots who allegedly flew those planes into the wtc buildings were ignored. it will be anything but being outsmarted, outmanuevered or outfoxed, a simple mistake.

now let us take a look at history and see if we can find a white version of a muslim hasan, a white version of a man, who chose being muslim over amerikkkan. and who do we find? one daniel boone, who, as the story goes, had settled in among the native brothers and sisters called indians, to the point where he was looked upon as one of them, a white man whom they thought they could be brothers with regardless of his race. they felt deep down inside that could be human with him, because he must have distinguished himself from the rest of the no good white warmonger landgrabbers that gave the native brothers and sisters nothing but hell.

but, the minute they had planned to strategize an attack (with ole boone in their presence because it appeared that they trusted him, that he was one of them) against those fiendish white men, which was sure enough gonna cause some white heads to roll in bloodshed to take back the land that was taken from them, what was boone's position, after having lived among his so-called indian brethren and sistren? he had contemplated what would happen to his fellow white anglo-saxon protestant kin, who would have been caught off guard by a surprise attack. that's what. and from that point onward, ole boone had made up his mind with no reservations to not let that happen to his fellow white brethren, because he snuck out from among the so-called indians in the middle of the night and went to inform his people of an imminent and surprise attack, which was the key component that allowed them to survive.

the moral to the story is that when it comes to non-caucasian peoples, peoples of non-european cultures or non-christians who are not caucasians, such acts will be deemed as unacceptable and anti-patroitic toward the amerikkan ideal, even a slap in the god-bless-amerikkka face, after being allowed to come here and live in what's been projected as a paradise as opposed to living in the so-called third world (which is actually the first world). but when it comes to white folk, it is perfectly alright to show white-christian solidarity no matter where one is on the planet, no matter how much the white dominant group preaches that multicultural shit to other groups of non-caucasian peoples, which numbs them to their particular ethnic, cultural or religious identity. that is the reason why ole boone chose his whiteness or euro-amerikkkan heritage over the native brothers and sisters, who thought that there was at least one good white man, who could live among them as their brother and fight for justice no matter if he was a white man or not. he showed them better than they believed in their hearts!

supposedly, malcolm x was once said the following quote: "a case of the chickens coming home to roost." surely, we can consider that expression after all the atrocious acts that the white branch of humanity has committed all over the world. you name it, they've done it and then turn right back around and wonder why such things like the hasan thing occurred. they'll even go so far to ask why do they hate us? only a person who has not the wherewithall to analyse things on his or her own outside of the usual pro-white pro-christian spinmaster media would not be able to reach conclusions that are unorthodox, away from the pig-eyed slanted views of a people, whose sole purpose for being in the so-called middle east is a combination of gaining control of the mineral resources and catch back against the muslims, for long but not forgotten days of taking a beating during the crusades. therefore, what we're witnessing is a modern crusade or the crusades part three. and hasan recognized the same thing.

uhuru sasa (freedom now)!

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