Obama Drama

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obama Drama: When in trouble at home, go abroad--Onward Christian Soldiers

Afterthe failure of midterm elections, Obama and his shaggy, effeteneo-liberal regime fled America for a propaganda journey throughoutAsia. His first stop was India that is one of the new boys and girls onthe block, a member of the new global power bloc called BRIC, i.e.,Brazil, Russia, India, China. He spent three days begging India topurchase weapons of mass destruction to help the staggering and stalledAmerican economy that may continue its free-fall to the end.
Ironically,for those favoring the end of outsourcing, India says it is willing tooutsource jobs to America, with slave wage jobs for unemployed,desperate Americans. Indian MBAs are paid $14,000 per year as opposed toAmerican MBAs at $140,000. Will American workers accept the Indian payscale? Take it or leave it! America needs India, India doesn't needAmerica. For sure, India doesn't need America facilitation in itsdispute with arch-rival Pakistan over Kashmir. America's failure tonegotiate a two-state solution in Palestine is a pitiful example ofAmerican diplomacy and even handedness. As per Pakistan, America cannotdecide if Pakistan is friend or foe. She bombs and invades Pakistan atwill, yet claims Pakistan is a partner in the war against terror. Anastute Indian student asked Obama why is not Pakistan declared aterrorist state?
Our question is why is not America declared aterrorist state? Its unmanned drone aircraft have killed an unknown tollof Pakistani civilians.
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Theregional players, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, will play a vitalrole in the ultimate peace in the area. America will not be involved.There shall never be peace anywhere in the Muslim world as long as theChristian Crusader armies occupy the land. The Afghanistan Taliban saythey will not discuss peace with the quisling government of Karsai,Mayor of Kabul, until the Crusaders depart. At present, the Talibancontrol 80% of the land. Why else would the US concur to hold peacetalks with the Taliban. When you're losing, you want to talk. When awife is getting her ass beat, she wants to talk!

Obama doesn'tunderstand that no amount of rhetoric will placate the Islamic world,thus his speech in Indonesia was poppycock, in line with his Cairospeech, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Yes, 100,000 troopsmay have departed Iraq since he became president, but 50,000 remain and200,000 contractors and mercenaries, with the biggest US embassy in theworld. Does it sound like America is truly ending its occupation ofIraq? Even the Defense Secretary Gates said there may be some rethinkingof the departure date.

Afghanistan is lost, so on to Yemen withdrones, Special Ops trained killers and other mercenaries of theChristian Crusader war machine.
--Marvin X

His latest booksinclude Pull Yo Pants Up fada Black Prez and Yoself, essays on ObamaDrama;I AM OSCAR GRANT, essays on Oakland; The Wisdom of Plato Negro,Parables/fables; Mythology of Pussy and Dick, toward HealthyPsychosocial Sexuality, Black Bird Press, Berkeley, 2010.
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