4.jpg?resize=163%2C300Yesterday, a letter was leaked to the media in Nigeria from former President Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo to current President Goodluck Jonathan, regarding Obasanjo’s latest indignation at Jonathan’s style of governance, albeit a self-serving vitriolic hocus-pocus of indignation.  But some Nigerians are taking Obasanjo’s letter seriously.  But for most Nigerians, nothing Obasanjo says or writes are ever going to change their minds about this tyrannical, corrupt, duplicitous, arrogant, vindictive chameleon, megalomaniac, whose sole aim to writing the letter has nothing to do with Goodluck Jonathan’s governance, but everything to do with Obasanjo’s quest for world recognition and a Nobel Prize which can never be bestowed on military tyrants like him.  Obasanjo should understand that Nigerians have a right of reply to the non-so-clever wool he is trying to pull over our wide open eyes.  Below are three of some of the articles I have written about Obasanjo in the past:     Letter to Africa AFRICAN JUDGES V. DICTATORIAL AND LAWLESS PRESIDENTS Chika Onyeani – African Sun Times, January 8-14, 2007 Snippett“However, on Tuesday May 16, 2006, Obasanjo’s third-term ambitions were dealt a decisive and crushing defeat by members of the Nigerian Senate which had voted to reject the attempts to amend the Nigerian constitution so that President Obasanjo could run for a third-term.  But rather than rising in magnanimity above this shameful attempt to scuttle the Nigerian constitution, as well as the mandate of the new charter of the African Union, of which he supposedly played a major role in crafting, Obasanjo has decided to play god.  But God himself doesn’t look kindly to those who try to act like Him.  History looks at people who have tried to play god, and it hasn’t been very kind to them, including Hitler, Muossulini, Idi Amin, Emperor Bokassa, and coming to Nigeria, Sani Abacha.  Abacha played god, he played god when he arrested Obasanjo and clamped him into prison without just cause.  There were praise singers and sycophants then who egged him on.  There are also many praise singers and sycophants just as in Abacha’s time who are egging on Obasanjo on his destructive path to avenge the defeat of his third-term ambitions.  There were individuals who were hollering and screaming about Abacha being the best god Nigeria could have, just as you have individuals who are hailing Obasanjo as the best thing that could happen to Nigeria, despite what he is trying to do to the country.” In a series of rulings, African judges seem to be asserting their independence in checkmating the excesses of lawless and dictatorial presidents.  The rulings have evolved due to constitutional changes from the anachronistic British parliamentary system of governance to the American presidential system, and unlike the French system that most of the francophone African countries have adopted of a President and a Prime Minister.  In almost all the former French colonized African countries, an president is elected who then appoints a prime minister who then appoints the ministers, of course with the expressed permission and approval of the president.  (Read rest of article

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