By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Before I tell you what you already know about how great the Democratic National Convention was - which just recently wrapped up in Charlotte, North Carolina - allow me to put some very important tasks on your agenda:

Number One:

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 – TWO DAYS FROM NOW – IS A VERY IMPORTANT ELECTION DATE FOR NEW YORKERS. In case no one sent you the memo, there are several important races happening, and you have to make it your business to get up, get out, vote, and make sure everybody else does too. If we want to make sure New York maintains a majority that will fully support and implement President Obama's policies when he is re-elected in November, we have to do our part this September.

Now, I know this is an unusual date for New York, but in light of the fact that the 9/11 Ceremonies take place on Tuesday, the special election date was changed to accommodate the ceremonies. It's up to us to make the adjustment and show up at the polls as though we were voting for the President himself. And, in a sense, we are, really. These are the people we'll need, up and down the line to make sure his policies are not screwed up by some miscreant vengeful rep-ugh-blican who has no sense of humanity. SO GET UP, GET OUT, AND VOTE ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2012. Don't say nobody told you.

You can't afford to sleep this one – everything under the sun is up for grabs. While I do my share of political coverage, I by no means am an expert in totally understanding the ins and outs of New York Politics. It really is a horse of a different color.

But I would daresay, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens – if you value your community, your safety and your future, you'd better be about it. The fact that there are so many seats and positions up for grabs indicates that this election is as pivotal as the Presidential election which takes place on November 6. It appears that there is very little in the way of PR about it – which is all the more reason we cannot be caught unawares.

Rather than list, individually, the names and status of the different candidates who are running, I am going to include the website from the BOARD OF ELECTIONS, so that you can pinpoint for yourselves the candidates that are running. Be prepared to walk in and vote, not really knowing who many of the candidates are – because there are several names I don't recognize myself.
That said, here is the link: Board of Elections in the City of New York - Candidates List Federal Primary Election on June 26, 2012: Primary Election on September 13, 2012: Candidates List: Contest List - Primary Election 2012 - 9/13/2012 (PDF) Home | About ...vote.nyc.ny.us/candidateslist.html

I wanted to make sure you did not overlook this important link, so I included the entire portal. If you can't click on it, cut and paste it into your browser's address line.

We cannot afford to sit here like bumps on a log and not know what's going on in our communities, right under our noses.

Interesting isn't it, though New York did not impose any of the repressive voter ID and registration laws on us that others are fighting against throughout the country, they may not have to – we can just sit back in apathy and ignorance and accomplish the same thing self disenfranchisement – where lose our rights by default of the fact that we are not tuned in to what's up.

Well, not on my watch. Not on the watch of others like Brooklyn's District Leader Robert Cornegy in the 56th AD, who has been working tirelessly in the Obama campaign, while at the same time serving his community, Darlene Mealy, who was out meeting and greeting voters at the #3 Utica Station in Brooklyn. Mealy, a former transit worker, was elected because she saw the disparity in services in her community, as well. Inez Barron, who is running for re-election in the 60th Assembly District.

In addition to those I've mentioned, Brooklyn might also want to be aware of the following who are seeking to serve: Martin Milave Dilan, in the 18th Senatorial District; William Boyland in the 55th Assembly District; Walter Mosely III and Olanike Alabi are both running in the 57th Assembly District; Rodneyese Bichotte and Rhoda Jacobs are running in the 42nd Assembly District; Terry Hinds and N. Nick Perry are running in the 58th Assembly District; Cyril Joseph is running in the 54th Assembly District; Charles Barron running for Male State Committee member. These are key positions. Don't sleep this.

Those of you in these districts have very important jobs to do. Get out and vote, get out the vote, make sure everybody in your family, neighborhood, community votes. Get your vans mobilized to pick up the elderly; or just carpool with your neighbors – whatever it takes.

This is the dry run for November 6th's Presidential Election. Make no mistake about it.

You may also notice that there are a large number of opportunities to select Delegates to the Judicial Convention and their alternates. You may well ask, as I did, “Hmmmm, what in the Sam Hill is a judicial convention?” (Okay, you didn't say “sam hill”). But, since I thought inquiring minds might like to know why there is such a large, long list of people vying for these positions, I have included some info from Amazon.com's AskVille:

Question: What is a judicial convention? The real question is how are NY Supreme Court Justices selected? And the answer is they are nominated, usually from the ranks of Criminal Court, Civil Court or Family Court Judges by delegates from the judicial convention.

According to Askville:

A. Election to the Supreme Court of the State of New York -

General Comments – The following information is a description of the current statutory scheme for election to the State Supreme Court. Democrats are most often elected as Supreme Court Justices in New York City as a result of New York City's predominantly Democratic electorate. Under current procedures, each political party holds a judicial nominating convention for each judicial district. The conventions are attended by delegates elected in each Assembly District or, in some cases, a part thereof, at the primary immediately preceding the election involved. N.Y. Election Law § 6-124. The rules governing time, place and procedure of conventions are left to committees appointed under the rules of the state committee of each political party. Id. § 6126(1).

For administrative purposes, New York State is divided into 12 judicial districts, with the following judicial districts in New York City (N.Y. Judiciary Law § 140): First District - Manhattan (New York) Second District - Brooklyn (Kings) and Staten Island (Richmond) 8
Eleventh District - Queens Twelfth District - Bronx
Each judicial district has the following number of justices of the Supreme Court (N.Y. Judiciary Law § 140-a): First District - 38 Second District - 52 Eleventh District - 38 Twelfth District - 24
Nominees need not be enrolled members of the political party by which they are nominated. Historically, Supreme Court nominees usually have been selected from among sitting Criminal Court, Civil Court or Family Court Judges.”

So, now you know. So when you start marking your ballot, pay attention to who it is you're selecting to select our next supreme court justices. The justices serve for 14 years (too bad they don't have term limits for the US Supreme Court Justices, as well).

You will also notice quite a few candidates for New York County Committee. So, it might help to know what is the role of a County Committee Member? There are four County Committee seats in each municipal election district: one male Democrat, one female Democrat, one male Republican, and one female Republican. Statewide, there are over 24,000 seats. Half of these are reserved for women. A county committee person represents an average of 350 of their neighbors. They represent the interests of their neighbors at local Democrat or Republican meetings. County Committee members are elected every two years in the state primary election. The most recent election was two years ago. To be considered for County Committee, you must be 18, you must be a declared member the Democrat or Republican Party; and you must be registered to vote in your local election district.

Number Two:

Those of you who have high school students who will be 18 by or before the November 6 Presidential Election should make absolutely sure they are registered and prepared to vote in the upcoming election. If you have proof of their date of birth, get them registered NOW! This is not rocket science. No vote, no president; we return to the bad old days of being Bushwacked.

Number Three:

Those of you who are in college here in New York City or State must register to vote immediately; and get your classmates registered as well. This is no time for absentee ballots. You can use your dormitory or place of residence as your current address. And remember, it was President Obama who made it possible for you to receive up to $5500 in Pell Grant Funds; and who has set up student loan pay off programs that is calibrated to your salary, rather than a hammer that keeps you poor once you complete your education, and so mired in debt you can't see your way clear. You and your peers must register and vote, make it viral, campus to campus to turn out the largest ever student voting bloc for the re-election of President Obama.

Number Four: Remember to stay away from Mitt-twits and the 3-R's: Romney, Ryan and Rep-ugh-blicans. They are the new 666.

Number Five:

African American Brothers and Sister,s and people of African Heritage (i.e. Africans, Caribbeans, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, and Haitians, etc.) who reside in the US, and are registered voters - you are conspicuous by your absence. I don't see you in the numbers that I see others of different racial groups


The Chinese have a GOTV for Obama, as well as other groups.

What are you holding back for – do you need to see it in neon?

The embarrassment of the century would be that we did not actively involve ourselves, our families, our community in the open and visible support of President Obama. Your supporting him in spirit is fine, and I'm sure, much appreciated.

Your prayers are absolutely welcome and totally essential.  He would not have made it thus far without them. 

However, you now have to step up to the plate – the way First Lady Michelle Obama did when she delivered that wonderful speech for the President on September 4; and the way former President Bill Clinton did when he knocked it out of the park in his speech on September 5.

You got to step up the way Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter did when he stood for the US Mayors. The way Kerrie Washington did when she spoke in behalf of the President.

You've got to show up the way Khalil Kain did when he came back from California to sit with New Yorkers in support of President Obama.

You've got to commit the way so many volunteers have done during the convention, who went to Charlotte on their own steam from Arkansas, Philadelphia, Arizona, California, New York State, Harlem, DC, Mississippi, Florida, and all over the US.

Time to show the love, the support, and the votes. Don't let the rep-ugh-blicans take your rights from you; don't let them intimidate you; don't let them return you to the jim crow days when you paid a poll tax and had to know how many bubbles there were in a bar of soap.

There are so many who fought and died to make sure you had the right to vote. I don't care who you are, how busy you think you are, or how poor you say you are – you and your vote make a difference; and you are needed to make that difference, so that President Obama can continue the good work he's begun to make life different, and better for us all.

There's a deadline looming for voter registration, and it may be different for each state. It's up to you to make sure that you have done your part as a Black man or woman to stand for a man who has taken his life in his hand (and you know it's true) to stand for you.

Let your Obama shine through – not only with you, but your kids, even those who are too young to vote now, can wear tee shirts, buttons, caps, arm bands. If the school objects, maybe it's not the place you want to educate your children. If you have a child in a school that does not support the President, perhaps you might want to question what else they're teaching your child that's inappropriate. Let your Obama shine through by bumper stickers on your cars, placards in your windows – Obamatize yourselves.

Learn some Obama quotes – teach them to your kids; your friends. He has made some profound statements, well worth remembering and repeating. When you read or hear some propagandistic crap in the media about the President or the First Lady or the First Daughters, or the Vice President, call them on it. Don't just let it slide. We have to be the eyes and ears and filters of the garbage that is being spewed out on a daily basis. Take it on – you attack Obama, you attack the American people. STOP!!!

And remember – AN OBAMA A DAY KEEPS THE MITT-TWITS AWAY! Always have something positive to say about the President. If you need facts, you can always find it on his website. Stay informed and stay involved.

And, Stay Blessed &


Gloria Dulan-Wilson


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