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Wars, famine, floods, crime, poverty, abuse of power, refugee crises, starvation, gross  inequality, climate catastrophes, cruelty, hostility, terrorism,, callous indifference are all running amok. So. the world is going to hell in a hand basket thanks to the evil inept leaders that dominate. But, the problem is not just leaders. Unfortunately America is one of the worst contributors to this problem.

America needs to:

  • Discontinue sanctions against countries and people
    Sanctions are arbitrary, immoral and illegal. They require no proof and seeks to bring down governments by starving innocent men women and children to death. Sanctions killed an estimated 40,000 Venezuelans in just one year.
  • Discontinue the embargo on Cuba
    The embargo incorporates sanctions and worse. The last UN vote of the General Assembly against this cruel embargo was 185 to 2, the two being the US and Israel. 185 to 2!
  • Help to stop the genocide by Israel against Palestinians
    The US continues its unqualified support of Israel despite its quest of genocide against the Palestinians. Israel continues to seize their land, bulldoze their homes and kill. So far this year Israeli soldiers have killed 44 Palestinian children.
  • Join the International Criminal Court
    Instead of arbitrary sanctions without proof of guilt, join with the other 123 countries instead of threatening the court
  • Withdraw from and encourage the dissolution of NATO
    NATO outlived its purpose many years ago when the Soviet Union collapsed. The all-white military alliance destroyed the African country of Libya.
  • Close its military bases in foreign lands
    Why on earth does the US need 750 military bases in eighty countries? Why? Their closest ally, the UK has 145, but Russia has only 36 and China a mere five.
  • Sign the Mine Ban Treaty
    One hundred and sixty four countries have signed this treaty against the use of land mines because it is such a cruel indiscriminate weapon of war. But, the US has not!

America has created much more misery in the world than it has relieved. Unfortunately, American democracy will not permit any of these changes. Any president who dares to advocate such a change would be thrown out on his ear and I do not foresee any change in the near future. These atrocities are the will of the people. Besides, these atrocities give America power over many countries. Intimidation is the bulwark of our foreign policy. I want to be proud of my country, but instead,  I am so ashamed.

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About the Author
Michael Irving Phillips has kept abreast of Jamaican and the rest of the Caribbean by his one-man production of Hot Calaloo, a newsletter about Caribbean news and views. From April 1992 to December 1999, it was published monthly and was transferred to the web at since then.

He was born in Jamaica and left home for Howard University in the US where he received MA (Education) and BS (Chemistry) degrees. Previous books includes :"A Jamaica Poor No More", "Boycott Money And Save Your Soul – Launching The Goodwill Revolution:, “Leave the Rat Race To The Rats” and “Poems for Husbands and Other Underdogs

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