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February 15, 2010



On Monday, February 15th, the funeral for Darnell McNeil, the black college student shot to death by an undercover Essex County Police officer on February 7th, will take place at Christian Pentecostal Church.

The funeral will take place at 10 am.

Christian Pentecostal Church is located at 971 Clinton Avenue, near Coit Street, in Irvington.

McNeil’s family, distraught over the sudden uncalled shooting of their son, just appeared at a rally against police brutality protesting the recent police beating death of Basire Farrell this past Saturday in Newark. They vowed to host their own rally against police brutality at 3pm at Knockouts, a nightclub located at Sanford Avenue and 18th Avenue, where McNeil was gunned down.

The New Black Panther Party and the Peoples Organization for Progress (POP) vowed to be onhand to support the family and their rally….

Lynda Lloyd, a Newark district leader, also surfaced at the rally for Basire Farrell to tell yet another horror story about police brutality.

This story involves Lloyd herself being abused and arrested in her own neighborhood on this past January 27th. Thankfully, Lloyd survived to tell her story, but she was seriously traumatized by the incident.

She has secured an attorney and vowed to tell the story of the abuse she faced at the hands of the police at the Newark city council meeting on Wednesday, February 17th at 6p.m.

“This is why McCarthy must go,” said Zayid Muhammad, the Party’s national minister of culture, referring to embattled Newark police director McCarthy and voicing a central longstanding demand by the Newark Antiviolence Coalition.

“This is why we need a civilian review board with full subpoena powers. This is why should have a residential requirement for Newark police officers. This is why we can no longer allow the mayor and city council get away with producing anything less,” he finished emphatically.

Newark City Hall is located at 920 Broad Street, Newark…

On Wednesday, February 17th, the Newark Chapter of the New Black Panther Party will present “Khallid’s Soldier’s Speak,” a tribute to Huey Newton and Khallid Abdul Muhammad.

It will feature Divine Allah, the Party’s national youth minister, Hannibal Rushiddeen, the Party’s national special assistant, Bashir Akinyele, former chairman of the Party’s Newark chapter and Zayid Muhammad, the Party’s longtime minister of culture.

Not only with this intimate tribute honor Khallid Abdul Muhammad, the man; It will detail what it was like for proven activists to personally serve under the incredible organizer.

This will be held at Waset Kommuniversity, 271 So. 9th Street, from 6:30-8:pm. Free admission. Call 201-602 0780 for more information…


On Saturday, March 6th, the Harlem chapter of the New Black Panther Party and the Black Student Union of City College in Harlem, will host the Party’s national chairman, attorney at war, Malik Zulu Shabazz, in a rare New York appearance, in a special revolutionary tribute to the Party’s legendary Black Power General, the immortal Khallid Abdul Muhammad.

This event was originally scheduled for February 20th.

Chairman Shabazz, Muhammad’s designated successor, founder of Black Lawyers for Social Justice and leader of the incredible ‘Operation Rescue’ in a Katrina-crushed New Orleans, where several hundred 9th ward Black residents were rescued by crack troops of the New Black Panther Party, will also discuss the attack on the New Black Panther Party by the white right, the truth and drama of the earthquake in Haiti and important rescue and support efforts, and more.

Other special guests will appear including ‘Mr. CurriculumofCorrection,’ Dr. Leonard Jeffries, ‘The Peoples Servant,’ Councilman Charles Barron, ‘The Conscious Key Turner, Dr. James McIntosh, and more.

Key party national officials will also speak including national chief of staff Hashim Nzingha, national youth minister and candidate for Trenton City Council, Divine Allah and national minister of culture, Zayid Muhammad

Khallid Abdul Muhammad was one of the premiere Black organizers of the late 20th century. He was especially important to the rebirth of the Nation Of Islam under the leadership of Minister Louis Farrakhan, having served as Supreme Captain of Nation’s Fruit of Islam, National Spokesman and National Assistant.

“Khallid Abdul Muhammad was to Minister Louis Farrakhan what Malcolm was to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the protector, the obstacle remover, the builder and the doer,” said Zayid Muhammad emphatically.

Upon his departure from the Nation Of Islam, Muhammad was asked to serve as the New Black Panther Party’s first national chairman. In that role, he propelled the party’s growth to approximately 35 chapters around the country and the led the party in an epic armed confrontation of the KuKluxKlan in June 1998 in the aftermath of the lynching of a Black resident of Jasper, Texas, James Byrd.

He passed away on February 17, 2001 after a sudden illness.

This special event will take place from 2-7pm at the NAC Building, Lecture Hall 1/202 at City College in Harlem…


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