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Disaster Preparedness
Get Paid for Promoting Your Own Business06 Jul 2011
Dear Delores

Disasters are not limited to those affecting our climate.  Today, with unemployment soaring, - millions of people are choosing to work from home and for themselves. 

Survivors of Natural Disasters usually have the support of the entire country behind them.  Government agencies like FEMA and non-profits like The Red Cross and thousands of volunteers and international donations flow in to assist these communities



Survivors of Financial Disasters are not so lucky.  There are no federal emergency management agencies rushing off to our major cities across America devastated by financial disasters handing  out survival kits, trailers, temporary housing accommodations, sleeping cots, first aid and  food supplies.  No non-profits like The Red Cross with it's thousands of volunteers coming into the homes attempting to save the family facing foreclosure and not a bank in site that is willing to forgive the debts that fell in arrears due to the loss of job, a life or limbs.   EVEN THOUGH WE BAILED THEIR ASSES OUT! 


Atlanta foreclosure No. 2
2006 Total: 63,737
Percent change from 2005: 80%
Percentage of households in foreclosure: 4.4%
Number of households for every foreclosure: 23



Noah's Secret Inc ., focuses on Disaster Preparedness.  Our unmatched customer service and complete array of Disaster and Emergency products are just a phone call away from you no matter where you live in the U.S.A.   We will deliver it to your door saving you time, money and energy.

Now we bring you Financial Preparedness tools for your small home-based business.

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an i no-repeat scroll 10px 8px #2f4eeb; font-weight: bold; font-size: 18px;" valign="top"> Time to Start Your Home-Base Business

you. If you are among the ranks of the unemployed who are considering starting a business that you can work from home that will generate enough income to do what your pay check use to do, you will want to register for ,my  in demand  online CERTIFIED program in conjunction with the Presidential Award Winning, CORE FOUR® Business Planning Course!


  • This is a 36 hour course that will meet twice a week on Monday and Weds- Tues and  Thursday .(You Pick your two days and times) 
  • Each session will be1 to  2 hours in duration.   Times are flexible to accommodate student schedules. 

  Session Choices:Open schedules between 8:00 - 10:00    1pm - 3:00pm , 4pm-6pm and  7pm-9pm


Ho w t o start and manage your Home-based, online or small business in today's economy isn’t as hard as many may believe. Making money through Affiliate Marketing,  Product/Service sales, Social Networks  will be covered. 

Interested in your own radio show?   Covered!  

Need to create a YouTube Video for Marketing your product or service?  COVERED!

The various forms of a business ownership, including how to register your business, business planning, marketing, networking and shoe-string start-up costs in plain and simple terms that will have you up and running by the end of the class, for those who are serious.  

Need some capital to get your idea off the ground but don't have good credit?   You bet.. .COVERED!

A certificate of completion will be awarded upon successful completion which can be used to reference your achievements when building your business portfolio.  Also, I encourage all students to stay in touch as we will continue to assist you and offer classes that meet your individual needs.

lightbulb%20graphic.jpg Why Register?  

  •                                                                                                                                             Enjoy one on on e interactions with Ms. Delores Vickers , Founder and CEO of Noah 's Secret Inc ., Certified CORE FOUR  small business Instructor, 15 Years teaching entrepreneurship  and over 20 years experience in successful  entrepreneurial and small
  • business start-up ventures.
  • Presents business planning concepts in a practical and real-world manner that participants can relate to and understand
  • Strong emphasis throughout the curriculum on the due diligence process of verifying and validating information
  • Helps participants understand not only the pieces of a business plan, but also the process of creating a business plan
  • Engaging and interactive curriculum - the participants love it!
  • Inspires and motivates small business owners and gives them the feeling that this is something they can do
  • Flexible course length (12-36 hours)   Call me. to learn what might work best for you!

The CORE FOUR® Business Planning Course provides essential business planning knowledge

for anyone with an existing business, a business idea, or simply the desire to become an entrepreneur.

  • Enjoy small group sessions and meet other students for networking and support.
  • Become part of a dynamic grass roots movement designed to put your new or existing company on the map of success.
  • Avoid common mistakes made by small business owners by breaking all the rules you were taught out of your out dated text books.  H

How Much will this Cost me?   For the 36 hour certified course     $572.00*

* includes student text book and solar backpack


For Advertising your existing business in our magazine  for 1 year @$49.00



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Please complete and sign this form and fax to Noah's Secret Inc:

                                              FAX: 404-549-4684


First name ____________________ Last name ______________________

Title: ________________(optional) Company:______________________________________

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City ________________State_______ Zip code___________ Email: ______________________

Business Phone:________________ Fax:_______________________

I want to register for the following seminar/workshop:
Seminar Title “_____________________________________________________”

Start Date: __________ End Date: ____________ Tuition $____________

End dates are flexible.  We work with our clients schedules. Records of time are kept.

Location of Instruction will be online:  Classes begin on Monday, July 25th
Tel: (770-572-6103)  Fax: (404) 579-4684

Please charge the following credit card: Type:  __________________________

______-______-_______-_______ ___________ ______________________
Credit Card Number Expiration date Authorizing Signature

Name on the card: __________________________________ or

Noah's Secret Inc. has made that easy and safe for you too. We accept payment via phone 770-572-6103 - Fax 404-549-4684 and by email at :

Deadline for Registration is July 19th, 2011  -

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