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Netanyahu versus Obama: Who is deciding American foreign policy?

Netanyahu versus Obama

There is no question about it. The Iranian deal pits the Prime Minister of Israel against the president of America. Just who is deciding American foreign policy? The answer should be obvious.  Who does Senator Schumer have allegiance to, Netanyahu or Obama?  Senator Schumer is the new Lieberman. I expect in every instance of a dispute between Obama and Netanyahu, Schumer will side with Netanyahu.

Emotional TV ads such as wounded and scarred war vet ( who was not wounded by any Iranian, but was wounded in the invasion and occupation of Iraq) opposing it, is powerful propaganda. Some might abandon reason and fall for it. Kudos to Jewish Voice For Peace, J-Street and other lovers of peace  for  their strong support of the deal.

The negotiators of the deal had a tough job on their hands and did a good job. It inevitably would not please everyone. Our allies accept this deal as a triumph of international diplomacy.  Of course, America does not have veto power, and the European Union will drop sanctions against Iran even if US lawmakers vote against the deal.  The Republicans oppose it  en masse, but then they vehemently oppose almost everything this black president proposes.  Do you remember how they  defied all protocol to invite Netanyahu to testify in the House against it?  I fear our own Maryland  Senator Cardin is going to pull a Schumer. I hope I am wrong.

The most likely country to use a nuclear bomb in the Middle East is the country that has deliberately bombed schools, ignored UN resolutions and subjected Palestinians to abuse worse than apartheid South Africa ever did on black South Africans. That country is Israel. The US is silent on these abuses.

If Israel dropped a nuclear bomb on Iran, the US would be silent and Netanyahu knows it. Under these conditions, the only defense Iran has against such an action is to have a nuclear bomb too. Knowing this, it would be completely irresponsible for Iranian leaders to not build a bomb if this agreement fails.  So if the deal does not go through, Iran will be compelled to build the bomb for its own defense. The war-mongering opponents here  will be incensed.  How dare Iran try to join our exclusive, but expensive,  nuclear club! (Do you know that The United States will spend at least $179 billion over the nine fiscal years of 2010-2018 on its nuclear arsenal, averaging $20 billion per year, with costs increasing from $16 billion to $25 billion per year over that timeframe?  This does not include maintenance which is estimated to run $500 billion during that period.) Then our incensed war hawks will call for invasion to remove ‘weapons of mass destruction’, so that we will then proceed to destroy another country, kill probably over a million people  and create a lot more wounded and war-scarred American veterans.  Instead, lets ratify this agreement and use it as a stepping stone towards better relations with Iran and a more peaceful Middle East.

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