Netanyahu plan to kill hostages

Hamas has about two hundred hostages. Netanyahu has hostages too, over two million, the entire population of Gaza.

Netanyahu has blocked water, fuel and electricity from Gaza. Not only the Palestinians, but the Israeli hostages will be affected. These hostages cannot survive without, water, medicines, hospital access. Without these, they are bound to die. In addition, it is significant that Netanyahu has made no attempt to negotiate the release of the hostages. Under these conditions, the Israeli hostages are bound to die.

Dead hostages are of no value to Hamas. Netanyahu will use dead hostages. Although he will be responsible for their deaths, he will proclaim them heroes and martyrs for Israel and seek every opportunity for photo ops with members of their families. He will then stir up rage and thirst for retaliation  to  now launch the delayed invasion in order to, as Republican senator Lindsay Graham urged, “to level Gaza”. What the bombs have failed to do, Netanyahu will be emboldened to use the invasion to wipe out the entire Gaza population. There will be no defense against these modern tanks and advanced weaponry which were supplied by the US.

So far, there has been virtually no criticism of the horrific UN-declared war crimes against innocent Gaza civilians by the US and its  European allies.  Instead their silence has made them accomplices. I expect very little criticism from these western powers of the coming Israeli annihilation of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Instead, this will be a warning to keep the rest of the world in line. 

I hope I am wrong.

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