Nepal the Land of Mighty Himalayas

Nepal is the land of surprise. Encircled by the lofty Himalayas, heritage temples, royal places, and more of all gifted by the bounty of nature, Nepal is the place that you love to visit again and again on India tour.

Nepal Tourist Attractions

It is an ideal destination where you can enjoy the marvellous beauty of the nature, length the breathtaking charm of the trekking trails, measure the height of the lofty Himalayas and the rich culture and tourism that is astoundingly beautiful and alluring.

Tourism in Nepal is well highly supported by the geographical phenomenon. The lofty Himalayas and the breathtaking landscaped tempts thousands and thousands of tourists as well as the adventure seekers from across the globe. Out of the 10 mighty Himalayas, 8 are located in Nepal out of which Mount Everest in the highest peak in the word. Most of the trekkers, mountain climbers and adventure enthusiasts visit Nepal to experience the thrill and delight that is truly different from any other parts of the world. More of all, the country is the Adventure Lover’s Paradise.

Annapurna Range
Annapurna is the tenth tallest mountain peak in the world. Located at the central Nepal Himalayas, the trek to the Annapurna Range takes you to the close to the nature. The panoramic view of the nature, gorgeous and breathtaking landscapes, verdant greenery and the charming natural beauty all make Annapurna the most beautiful and sought after destination for Nepal Trekking.

Royal Chitwan National Park
Established in the year 1973, Royal Chitwan National Park is the first national park in India. Rich in exotic flora and fauna, this national park was given the world heritage status in 1984 and since then the visit of the tourists has doubled. Once the park was the royal hunting ground for the Kings and the dignitaries but today hunting is completely stopped but the tourists and visitors are allowed inside the park. It will be a great experience to enjoy stay at one of the exotic wildlife resort to enjoy the serenity of this world famous wildlife park of Nepal.

Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal is one of the major tourist destinations that no one can miss out on Nepal tour. Known for its historical charm, rich heritage and culture’ Kathmandu is home to so many important tourist attractions. On Kathmandu tour enjoy visit to Swyambhunath Temple, Pashupati Nath Temple, Boudnath, Hanuman Dhoka, Machhendra Nath Temple, Residence of the Living Goddesses, Kashthamandap, Akash Bhairav Temple, Tundikhel, Bhadrakali Temple, etc.

Mountaineering in Nepal

Apart from the many temples that are found in Kathmandu, Pashupati Nath is the most famous one. It is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Nepal is not just known for its tempting sightseeing or alluring tourism attractions but there are many other wonderful Places to visit in Nepal. Bhaktapur, Pokhra Valley, Kakani, Dharan, Helambu, Dhulikhel, etc are also some of the most popular destination in Nepal that is worth visiting in Nepal. So come and explore this mystical land of Nepal and enjoy vacation with immense pleasure and joy.

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