On July 30, 2011, a natural hair and beauty show will take place in Houston, Texas.  This event will be like no other as Natural Hair Pandemics mission will not only provide access to top notch products, services, and information but also educate the community about the importance and benefits of embracing natural hair, understanding green products, and how overall health & wellness impact daily living.


The natural hair movement is a fast growing phenomenon occurring throughout many American communities as more men and women embrace their natural hair and demand increases for education on natural hair care products, vitamins, and other organic or natural goods.  But wearing ones hair in its natural state is just the tip of the iceberg in embracing all things natural, organic, healthy, and beautiful.  Its a way of life that promotes good health from the inside out. 


Houston, Texas is quickly becoming a trendsetter in the natural hair community and the Natural Hair Pandemic Hair Show is bringing the natural hair community together under one roof to learn about products and services that are geared toward beauty and health.  The show will target an audience interested in natural, green, and organic products as well as those who are interested in products that promote healthy hair and skin.  


This event will give patrons an opportunity to network and visit with a wide array of vendors sharing information on beauty, hair care and overall wellness.  Entertainment will include a fashion show featuring TikiGlam and performances by DeAndre Wright and Mordecai.  A variety of classes will be offered by industry experts and instructors, including the legendary Isis Brantley (a pioneer of the Texas natural hair movement), renowned industry expert Alice Burnom, and author Toni Hickman (offering information on chemicals that are not safe for use).  All classes are open to the public and will provide information on frequently asked questions like how to style and maintain your childs natural hair in the Mommy & Me class led by Althena Laster.  Come out and leave feeling educated and empowered.


Proceeds from the show will benefit sickle cell research.  Natural Hair Pandemic has selected the Sickle Cell Disease Soldier Network (http://scdsoldiernetwork.com/) as its charity of  choice, because of the foundations dedication to finding a cure for Sickle Cell Disease and its efforts in offering education and solutions that provide a better quality of life for the millions who suffer from the effects of the disease.


Vendor and sponsorship packages are currently available to all interested parties. 


Tickets are currently available and priced at $10 for general admission.


For additional information, please send an email to naturalhairpandemic@gmail.com or contact the event coordinators.



NHP Hair Show & Expo

Saturday, July 30 2011





Kimberly Toliver

(832) 486-0451









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  • Caricom

    Greetings Readers,


    Black women in Bermuda could certainly benefit from a Natural Hair Pandemic.  They are counted among the best dressed women in the world.  I am very concerned that they spend oodles of dollars in hair salons on a weekly or regular basis - subjecting their natural hair to chemical abuses.  The end result being a lose, lose situation - harming their health and the loss of unrecoverable hardearned dollars which should be saved and/or used for other meaningful purposes.


    I wear a short crop natural - no dyes and no chemicals.  Every two months I have my husband's barber cut my hair, and I find that the barbershop prices are more reasonable than those at the fancy salons.


    I sincerely trust that the organizers of the subject event will see this comment and then reach out to me with a view to introducing an event of this nature on the little island of Bermuda.


    Yours for the natural way!


    Peggy Burns (aka Nana Peggy)



    E-mail Address:  nanapeggy@blessed.bm



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