National Elder Issues Call to Action

National Elder, 91 year old Dr. Edward W. Robinson, Jr., is calling to action those individuals and organizations that are ready to step up and help him implement his solution to combat the rise in violence and other social ills that disproportionately affect the African American community ("THE PROBLEM"). For 65 years, Dr. Robinson, an author, attorney, activist, curriculum specialist, film maker, historian and past president of a Black-owned insurance company has conducted numerous experiments to define the causes of, and find the solutions to, "the problem". This effort has led Robinson to launch a new company called the African Genesis Media Group (AGMG). His work has proven that THE PROBLEM is that the total society (inclusive of Africans and African Americans) has been programmed by the media to despise everything African. He contends that all of the conditions referred to as "problems" are merely symptoms or manifestations of that one problem. His ground-breaking research recently resulted in the Philadelphia School District commissioning him to infuse African history into the curriculum which all students must complete in order to graduate from high school. He has gathered together some of the best and brightest minds to form the African Genesis Media Group. The mission of this new company is to promote positive images of the African American community through television, film, print, the arts, lectures and cultural trips. Its purpose is to correct the false perceptions generated by the media over the past 400 years concerning Africans and to restore the world's belief in the fact that ancient Africans created civilization. If you are sick and tired of your community being plagued by "the problem"; fratricide / teen pregnancy / rising school drop out and incarceration, then heed the call of Dr Robinson to all serious minded individuals and groups interested in doing something in an organized, scientific manner as opposed to just moaning and groaning. Join him in this effort by visiting and signing up. Further information can also be obtained by calling 215-247-1545 or email at:
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