As you know, I'm a big proponent of NACA.  Just wanted to alert you to the fact that they are in New York, aat Suffolk County Community College's Brentwood Campus, in Long Island, from today, August 15, through Sunday, August 19, at the Health, Sports and Education Center - 1001 Crooked Hill Road.  You can take the Long Island Railroad from either Manhattan or Brooklyn, on the Ronkonkoma line to Brentwood.  You would then transfer to one of the local buses (call 631.852.5200 for schedule) which will take you directly to the campus. 

The daily schedule to Brentwood from LIRR in Manhattan is 8:14am; 9:14am; 10:14am, etc.
The return is 8:52am; 9:52am; 10:52am - in other words the trains leave and return at either 14 past the hour or 52 past the hour respectively.

The fares are $11.75 each way/off peak; $16.25 each way, peak; $8.00 for seniors each way.

If you have a property getting ready to go into foreclosure, or a toxic mortgage, I strongly suggest you get your documents together and take advantage of the 80+ banks that are there to make instant onsite decisions. 

If you are a potential first time homebuyer, and are looking to purchase your first home - whether it be in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, Long Island, or any where else in the US, NACA has thebest mortgage ever - but I've already told you that several times.

According to their schedule, this is the only time they'll be in the New York Area for months to come, where they have amassed the banks to make instant decisions.  Whether you are living here in New York, or you're reading me from New Jersey, Connecticut, Philly or DC, since NACA is national, it really behooves you to get here and take advantage of their FREE ASSISTANCE.  

As  I mentioned,  NACA is touring the United States with their Home Save and First Time Homebuyer program-providing comprehensive assistance to those who are facing foreclosure, while at the same time providing the best mortgage ever for those homebuyers who are purchasing for the first time: No Down Payment; No Closing costs; Mortgage 1% below Prime.  No one else does this.  You don't have to have perfect credit; you just have to have good character and your documentation about your current living situation.  They provide counseling and other services free. You are only required to attend their two-hour purchase workshop - MANDATORY - and they will then provide you with a counselor who will work with you throughout the entire process.

The website is easy to maneuver:  Locate your city and see when the next workshop will be in your area.  You then go on line to sign up.  Bring a notebook - a pen; they will provide you with an official NACA Booklet with all the details and paperwork you need to get started.

In the New York Area there is an upcoming four-day NACA marathon in Long Island - August 15-19.  For Oklahoma, Chicago, Philadelphia, just input your state and city and they will indicate when the next workshop is taking place.  Additionally, many churches host NACA events to help people in their community; you may also attend these as well.  Look up the number of the local NACA office in your area and find out if they have anything coming up that you can attend.  The only rule is that you can not currently own or be on the deed of a home; they are not in the business of helping small time (or big time) investors.  They are only helping those who want to own their own home and who will reside in the home as their primary place of residence.  Additionally, there is a ceiling on how much you can pay for a home based on the size (one, two, three, or four family home; condo or co-op); and following the federal guidelines, the location may play into the maximum allowable mortgage.

They will not allow a realtor to use emotional blackmail to force you into paying more than you can afford; and they will not send you to a realtor who does not value you as a client.  All the realtors they use have been trained by NACA; if it is found they are violating their policies, they will no longer have access to you as a client.

This is my favorite organization because they will not be pushed around by the banks and mortgage companies and have saved nearly 1 million homes from foreclosure since the Bush Administration put us in the trick bag we're in.  Feel free to share this with your friends, family, even your enemies.  We need to own something; we need to control our community.  We should have a stake in where we live.

If you think you can't own a home, look at this little chart and see where what you're paying in rent can actually end up servicing a mortgage.  Interest rates will vary according to the prevailing rate at the time, so they are not included in the chart below.  However remember when you factor in the rate that NACA's rates are always 1% below whatever the prevailing rate is.  So you are still ahead of the game.  If you follow my chart below, you will see how you are putting money into something for which you cannot get a deduction, over which you have no control; and cannot leave to your children or family members. 

If You Can Pay This - You Can Own This*

$ RENT X 12 Month  x 30 Years  =   $ MORTGAGE
  400             4800        144,000             $144,000
  500             6000        180,000               180,000
  600             7200        216,000               216,000
  750             9000        270,000               270,000
  800             9600        288,000               288,000
  900          10,800        324,000               324,000
1000          12,000        360,000               360,000
1200          14,400        432,000               432,000
1500          18,000        540,000               540,000
1750          21,000        630,000               630,000
2000          24,000        720,000               720,000
2300          27,600        828,000               828,000
2500          30,000        900,000               900,000
2700          32,400        972,000               972,000
3000          36,000     1,080,000             1,080,000
(c) "If You Can Pay This, You Can Own This" by Gloria Dulan-Wilson (c)  6/2012

As you can see, there is almost no reason to continue paying cutthroat rent; even in New York City there are properties that you can afford to purchase. 

If you need any additional info, please feel free to contact me. 

Stay Blessed &

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