By Gloria Dulan-Wilson ~

For those of us who were not fortunate enough to get to Atlanta for the massive NACA Homesave Program, NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) will be holding two FREE Home Save and First Time Homebuyer Workshop/Seminars in the Queens and Brooklyn Area. On Saturday, February 11, at Mt. Zion Bishop Church 106-60 Union Hall Street, in Queens, NY (near York College), they will hold back to back seminars beginning at 10:00AM and ending at approximately 3:00PM.

These seminars are mandatory prerequisites to be able to receive the free assistance NACA provides. For those who are facing foreclosure, regardless of what borough you reside in, it is imperative that you not procrastinate, or stand on false pride, or continue to hold out hope that your bank will suddenly see you as a human being and relent.You need to get help FAST!

If it's not you, but you are aware of someone who is going through it, then urge them to make it their business to be there to get the assistance they need.

President Barack Obama is working to get the relief we need from the onslaught of banks who have served as predatory lenders and are now trying to take your home; while at the same time lying and saying they don't want them. And while he is dealing with a hostile Congress, and businesses that would rather bleed you dry than see you thrive, you need to go where the help is.

On the other hand, for those who realize that paying rent is a road paved to nowhere, there is no equity, there is no ownership; that you are paying the same money you would if you were paying your own mortgage, but at the end of the day you have no control over the property, NACA'S FIRST TIME HOME BUYER PROGRAM is the only one in the nation that provides you with free counseling, a completely pre-APPROVED loan; Free Down Payment, Free Closing Costs, and a Mortgage 1% below prime. It is indeed THE BEST MORTGAGE IN THE NATION.

Now is the time for you to make that move, while the prices of housing are down, and the interest rates are low. Don't wait or procrastinate until everything is perfect with you. There's no such thing, for one, and perfection is totally overrated for two. Make it your business to become a homeowner this year. Release yourself from the shackles of being a tenant. You can own a one to four family home and become a landlord (who charges reasonable rents), and reap the benefits of tax deduction that ownership conveys.

New York State Housing Commissioner Darryl Towns recently revealed that over 1600 lis pendens (foreclosure notice) were sent out in Central Brooklyn alone, within the last three weeks. What to do to save these homes was the topic at a meeting held by Assemblywoman and NY State Banking Commissioner Annette M. Robinson, at Bed Stuy Restoration on January 27th.

It has also been high on the radar of State Senator Velmanette Montgomery, who hosted Commissioner Towns at a round table discussion in late December.

Both legislators concur that Brooklyn continues to be the hardest hit in foreclosures, followed closely by Queens, because both boroughs tended to have high home ownership ratios. The scurrilous fact is that while rent is being pushed as the antidote for the housing crises, with so many landlords trying to gouge tenants for higher than normal rents - approximating what one would pay for a mortgage; and with needed employment being slow to the region, there appears to be no relief for those in the middle, who are once again caught in a vicious squeeze play.

Couple that with the pervasiveness of the recent economic downturn, which basically rolled over Brooklynites - employed and business owners alike, and there has been little in the way of the kinds of comprehensive remedies necessary to return these communities to stability.

As a result of the high foreclosure numbers in Brooklyn, NACA will be hosting a Home Save workshop on Saturday, March 11, 2012 in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn address has not been finalized, but owing to the overwhelming numbers, we are anticipating using either the Armory on Bedford and Union, or a facility with a similar capacity.

However, a word of caution to those of you in Brooklyn who need help now, please do not wait until the March 10 workshop. You must go where the help is - and right now that's Mt. Zion Bishop Church 106-60 Union Hall Street, in Queens, NY. Take the F Train to the last stop, and walk two blocks to the facility. It's across from York College. There will be NACA signs posted to guide you to the right destination.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with NACA can go online and learn first hand the story of how this stalwart organization was founded. In fact, someone needs to give NACA's Founder and CEO Bruce Marks and his dedicated NACA staff of NACA counselors, an award for having saved hundreds of thousands of homes throughout the United State, while at the same time providig those would not have had the wherewithal, homes of their own.

You owe it to yourselves, your family, your community to take advantage of these services, and to share the information with family and friends. Don't sit there and suffer in silence. And for those who know, make sure the rest are as well informed as you are.


Stay Blessed &


Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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