On Monday, April 6, 2009, Bob Brown, co-director of Pan-African Roots, filed pro se, in the Circuit Court of Cook County , an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction against Chicago ’s bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games. The Chicago 2016 committee; Patrick G. Ryan, its Chairman and CEO; the City of Chicago ; Mayor Richard M. Daley; the City Council of Chicago and Alderman Edward M. Burke are named as Defendants. Copies of the Emergency Motion, Complaint and requested Order were served on Defendants. A complimentary copy was sent to the United States Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee’s evaluation team which arrived in the Windy City on April 2d, for a site visit. Mr. Brown argues, among other concerns, that the guarantee made by the Chicago 2016 committee and the City of Chicago in their bid book, that there will be no 1st Amendment-protected protests in Chicago and its vicinity one week before, during and one week after the 2016 Olympic Games is unconstitutional and unenforceable. “There is no 1st Amendment-protected right or compelling state interest to hold an Olympic event in Chicago ,” Mr. Brown said. “But we do have a 1st Amendment-protected right to hold protests before, during and after the Games; and we will exercise that right!” Mr. Brown also argues that the Chicago 2016 committee and all of its stakeholders are in knowing, willful and deceitful violation of the Chicago Slavery Era Disclosure Ordinance. They have failed to file, and/or committed perjury on, their Economic Disclosure Statement, which includes a Certificate of Slavery Era Business. There are 205 National Olympic Committees in the International Olympic Committee. All of them except the United States Olympic Committee are owned, controlled and financed by their respective governments. All of them must file search and disclose their slavery era recrods if they are to receive any benefits, financial or material from the City of Chicago. At least 6 countries in Europe, dozens of countries in Africa, and every country in the Western Hemisphere were involved, in one way or another, in the Transatlantic slave trade and slavery. “The Chicago Slavery Era Records Disclosure Ordinance is crystal clear,” Mr. Brown said, “failure to file an Economic Disclosure Statement and to certify that you have searched and disclosed any and all of your and your predecessor entities’ slavery era records, or lying that you did, is a crime in the City of Chicago .” “No slavery era records, no Olympic Games in Chicago ,” he declared! "We are honored to file this lawsuit on the eve of the Durban Review Conference which will convene in Geneva, Switzerland from April 20-24, 2009," he continued. President Obama, and the United States government, might boycott the meeting, unfortunately, but Bob Brown will be there." Mr. Brown is asking the Court for declaratory judgment and injunctive relief. For more information and/or a copy of the filings, contact us at paroots02@yahoo.com. The hearing was continued until 9:15 am, today, April 7, 2009 in Room 2301 of the Daley Center, 50 Wst Washington Street, Chicago, IL. We invite all who in the area to stop by the courtroom, and observe "justice," Chicago-style! Tuesday, April 7, 2009 For more information, contact Bob Brown, co-director Pan-African Roots paroots02@yahoo.com Office: (202) 544-9355
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