I love your publication, and have followed your progress from the outset; so I totally applaud your efforts to help the Brothers and Sisters of Chicago and the rest of the US be pro-active in turning the maisma around that has affected and afflicted Black families.
So, in addition to the event which is taking place on January 2, "Praying the Devil Back to Hell", I would also like to suggest that Black mothers begin again raising their children, and not allowing either the government, TV, peers, or others to raise them. It also means returnig to the fundamentals that were enunciated in the Bible thousands of years ago, and still remain true to this day: "spare the rod and spoil the child." Mothers and fathers need to return to the practice of corporal punishment in maintaining order, decorum and respect in the household.
Consequences, when established at a young age, have been instrumental in keeping our kids in check when they reach adolescence.
The US government imposed a law on Parents and Teachers that have proven to be detrimental to families and educators in raising, educating, and directing our children. And as a result of that, plus taking prayer out of the schools, our kids have had been allowed to run amuck. We have had our hands tied, while they get away with murder - literally!
And that b.s. about corporal punishment being violence is totally a lie, when you measure the crime and murder rate in the 50's, 60's and 70's prior to the law being passed against parental discipline via corporal punishment.
The fact that some miscreant who had an abusive parent could manage to brand all parental discipline as child abuse shows that there is obviously a lack of understanding or concern for what it takes to raise responsible young men and women.
I could almost say that this law has sabotaged the family unit more than anything else, including drugs; and has literally made parents and educators afraid of their own children. If parents really want to do something about the crime rate, they can push for the repeal of this stupid legislation and the re-establishment of parental control in the home and control in the schools.
After all, whose children are these? Black children are judged more harshly for even normal thing than white kids. By not disciplining our children in the home, and by not reading them the proverbial "riot act", we are setting them up to be gunned down in the streets, either by the police, or by each other. Time to wake up to reality.
Instead of just viewing the movie and praying the devil back to hell, parents need to go to DC and lobby for the repeal of the so-called child abuse legislations; or make it our business to run our own communities by re-establishing it so that we can preserve our families ourselves.
I wish you much luck in this endeavor. I admit that I am glad that I raised my children using corporal punishment, and have never had to deal with gangs, drugs, thefts, or the other negative issues that are confronting our Black families, because I totally ignored this anti-family legislation and raised them according to the same old principles that my parents raised me with. I am also making sure that they raise their own children using those principles. Just because someone came up with a legislation does not always make it right - remember it once used to be okay to lynch Black people too.
Stay Blessed &
Happy New Year to you all!

With 13 murders between December 23 and December 29, 2011, Chicago had more murders on it's streets than American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan during that same week! - Where are we really at war???

Help end the war of violence that is killing more Americans on the streets of America than American soldiers are being killed on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan!!!. Join us on Monday, January 2, 2012, 6:30 pm at 3509 South King Drive in Chicago to "Pray The Devil Back To Hell!!! If the women of Liberia can end violence by praying and acting, so can we! We must pray and we must act, now!!!

During Christmas week, 13 people were killed in Chicago. Merry Christmas from Chicago to the rest of America! America will have about 15,000 murders in 2011. All of these Chicago murder victims died by gunshot between December 23 and December 29, 2011:

Dec. 29 - Maurice Vortes, a 28 year old male, caused by a gunshot in North Lawndale.
Dec. 29 - Zentonio Bolian, a 31 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Pullman.
Dec. 29 - Clifton Lewis, a 41 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Austin
Dec. 28 - Jewels Selvie, a 19 year, caused by a gunshot in New City.
Dec. 28 - Deontae Malone, a 15 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Chicago Lawn.
Dec. 27 - Dantril Brown, a 17 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Englewood.
Dec. 27 - Jawan Ross, a 16 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Englewood.
Dec. 25 - Jose Duckins, a 30 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Near West Side.
Dec. 25 - Robert Warren, a 34 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Near West Side.
Dec. 24 - Patrick Carter, a 27 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Austin.
Dec. 24 - Jo Jo James, a 31 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Grand Boulevard.
Dec. 24 - Miguel Rios, a 30 year old male, caused by a gunshot in Brighton Park.
Dec. 23 - Martell Wesley, a 20 year old male, caused by a gunshot in West Englewood.

With seven people shot -- two killed and five wounded in one incident on December 27, 2011, an average Tuesday night in Chicago -- why won't the men and women of Chicago come out to pray the devil of violence in Chicago back to hell??? You can do nothing....or at the very least you can pray!

Black Star Logo
Juwan Ross, 16 and Dantril Brown, 17, killed in a fried chicken restaurant on December 27, 2011.
Join us for the film -
Pray The Devil Back to Hell!
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Tears, chaos and impending threats of more violence descend upon a community after a shooting in Chicago during Christmas week.
Monday, January 2, 2012
Film: 6:30 pm
Discussion and Prayer: 7:30 pm
The Black Star Project
3509 South King Drive, Suite 2B
Chicago, Illinois
$5.00 for members - $10:00 for non-members. Please call 773.285.9600 to RSVP your seat.
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Being sick and tire of being sick and tired is not enough! You must pray and you must act. On Monday, January 2, 2012, the men and women of Chicago will gather to see the powerful movement and documentary of women that brought peace to war torn Liberia, Pray The Devil Back To Hell. And the men and women of Chicago will work to pray the devil of violence and despair that is in Chicago back to Hell! Join them.

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Men and women across America can join this movement to Pray the Devil (of violence) Back to Hell in your city or town by calling 773.285.9600. Click Here to view a trailer of the documentary. Those who have attended previous showings of this documentary will be admitted free.


 The Black Star Project | 3473 South King Drive, Box 464 | Chicago | IL | 60616

Email blackstar1000@ameritech.net |

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  • Chicago-Midwest

    Yes I , Brotha Torqbui , InI have much in common . At one time or another I have joined group in chicago to do wat I could to contribute . End results much de same . Probably de reason why I refer doing wat little I can on an individual basis . But I am open to check u out at de health store . Is one on de west side on Madison St. However , I am going home to Ghana in a few days . Its good to know you reside dhere as well . I have a place in Gbawe/Malin..Some land I am trying to develope at kasoa/Nyanyano pon de edge of central region . Some we have much to talk about . Hit mi up jahbo773@hotmail.com  anytime .  Peace and Blessing as InI enter dis new year . Family is roots . right now wit de comment .


  • Chicago-Midwest

    Habari Gani Afrikan Family Globally,

    The problem in Chicago is the same across Black communities US-wide. No serious Think-tanks, no real institutions setup to resurrect the Afrikan Family/Extended Family Foundation. Plain and simple.

    It has been reported online, via census minds, that about 70% of Black women, in the US for many generations, are today not married. So no men in the homes to raise the male children especially or be their positive role model. Youth join gangs when they don't have an extended gang of their own, called a strong FAMILY headed by stern males, nationwide and globally.

    I, hear in the Chicago village, have tried to sit with "leadership" inside of some community groups only to be pushed aside, ignored. Have even tried to speak with Black females on the near South-side, whom former a group of women to save their sons in the community. Never got a proper response from any of them. Me, a man whom lives in both Chicago and Ghana, after tracing my ROOTS back to Ghana on both sides in 1975.

    We here in the US, push Kwanzaa 7 days a year but the masses have not adopted it and pushed it across the whole year. I am pushing the mindset of Kwanzaa daily this week via text messages, email, etc. into 3 African countries. So when I return, they will know what mindset stands before them and we can act on it accordingly, no problem. It is appreciated.

    My brother, Bomani, sit with me at a health food store on the South-side or West-side in the next 2 weeks or less? So we can discuss how to build the wealth quickly to repair the damaged minds of our extended family-less people here in the US. The Liberian women can have an impact in their country because of one thing: A strong connection within their extended family. Here in the US, few sisters today have such a connection and it has not been so by mistake. All was planned long ago, outside ourselves.

    Certainly, I wish all a successful 2012, especially in resurrecting our Black families and extended families toward a healthy state globally.

    Much love, Torgbui

  • Chicago-Midwest

    Yes , its true we live in a violent society . Its all around . Our government policies are about violence and spread it to de whole world . Its on television and movies. If you really think , those things dat would really change dis madness , as a whole , society , mi and you are not willing to do . To be fair , we may not know how to change or de solution to transform , is not on de table . If its pray and  a few rallies , which been going on over and over , maybe a deeper search is needed . peace

  • Peace Kwasi,

    Thank you for sharing!


This reply was deleted.