Most beloved Sisters and brothers of WADU and the world: 

     Much progress has been achieved in 2010 by internationally spreading the brand name of WADU as shown by invitations to send WADU representatives to international functions such as the recent Festival in Senegal where we were strongly represented not merely as attendants but as participants. We are beginning to show our maturity by self examination and criticism. We have drawn more closely to the African Union by discussions with her representatives.
     Two of our weaknesses however perhaps related to each other are that we have not recruited as many youth as we vitally need for the Pan African movement’s sustainability, and perhaps have substituted rhetoric for planning and implementation. Each WADU meeting should end with all attendants feeling inspired that they have a specific job to do. Then all will return and the meetings will show movement.

     At the beginning of the century W E B Dubois stated that the
greatest problem of the next century is the problem of the colour bar.
It was true then and is still pertinent today. It is the duty of all leaders to share their vision with the people to guide them lest they perish. As a people we have gone far in acting on Dr WE B Dubois warning. The Civil disturbances and marches, Martin Luther King and Black Power as well as Civil Rights Legislation grew out of it. In his time Dr Dubois and the rest of the world hardly have envisaged a Black Man as President in the White House. However looking retrospectively what have we summarily achieved within that period?

     It leaves us today with millions of illiterates, chiefly in Africa as well
as in black communities elsewhere, immeasurable poverty and diseases
like HIV/AIDS, malaria and other water borne diseases. The period has
seen endless revolutions and internecine strife, religious wars and a proliferation of failed states in Africa. Most importantly this period has seen the first creation by man of weapons of mass destruction with the ultimate capacity to destroy the world.
     I will venture as WADU's President to say that our greatest problem of the future is that we have for too long neglected to study mankind's relationship with Nature. We have seen in recent time how Nature lifts just a little finger to create tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts that kill millions. Her energy that in earthquakes split mountain ranges and cities leave us defenseless victims. We can not fight these extra territorial powers but even now as we study our relationship we are learning to allay or minimize the damage by taking steps not to add to changes in the environment. This calls for global Unity. We need all
men on board to face worldwide destruction. World wide destruction
calls for worldwide unity. This is the first step to world wide security.
     The Black world i.e. the Black Diaspora has not yet gained her
rightful place as Equals in the global arena. The Black world has not
been allowed to make her full contribution to universal struggle. We
have in our tradition special Powers to assist when we get fully on

     Our religions and traditional culture has always had a close
relation to our ancestors, to trees and rivers the seasons and other
elements of nature. Geography, anthropology and other sciences prove
that civilization began in Africa. Egypt has always been a part of
that continent and Egypt was a child of Ethiopia. This should help
many cause us to liberate from mental slavery where for centuries
history shows that the MYTH, the BIG LIE pounded in our ancestors'
ears daily of WHITE superiority struck a deep amnesiac blow on black
traditional development.

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