The 90s fashion revival is upon us -- well, kind of. Our wardrobes have long been influenced by eras past, Menn Nike Lunar so it was inevitable that we look to the 10 years of loose cuts and muted colors, for inspiration two decades after the fact. No, our pants will never be as baggy as they were in 1992, and we not suggesting you sport a Joey Lawrence-inspired hooded jean vest. But we do sense that fashion is returning to the decade of all things dope, and we got the 411 on how you can add some flavor to your closet. Heres a modern take on 90s classics. Then: Flannel shirts, Now: Flannel shirts Sure, Kurt Cobain was a seminal musician whose songs spoke to a generation of disaffected teens, but you need not know his name to fly the flannel flag of grunge. While the early 90s called Menn Nike lunar haze+ for dingy duds, now it not hard to find a flannel shirt that as well suited to the office as it is to your favorite dive bar. Then: Snapback baseball caps, Now: New Era snapback baseball caps Before fitted hats came in every conceivable color combination, the adjustable snapback reigned supreme. Everyone from Snoop Dogg Nike Free to Bud Bundy rapping alter ego, Grandmaster B, rocked a Starter. Now, though, we opt for a New Era, preferably one without too much team-logo embroidery. And we leave the matching jacket in the closet, next to our Cross Colors overalls. Then: Street preppy, Now: Classic preppy In hindsight, we can admit that the Polo Sport and Nautica gear we coveted years ago might not been long for this world -- or at least for our closets. But Menn Nike Lunar+1.5 while prep may have lost its street cred, it far from dead. For better or worse, the American heritage look is the thing, so now you can maintain that classic style without sporting what in retrospect was just oversize sailing gear. Then: Construction boots, Now: Walking boots Construction boots are cool and all, but it not 1995 and you not Menn Nike LunarElipse+ LL Cool J. Instead, check out some classic walking boots, a sleeker alternative that works Menn Nike Lunar+4 as well in the office as it does on the trails. Then: Basketball shoes, Now: Vintage sneaker reissues In the 90s, we were all about basketball Menn Nike Lunar+5 Nike Sko shoes: kicks with air pockets, pumps and even soles that lit up when we walked. We still love sneakers, only now we partial to pared-down pairs like the Blazer, a shoe Nike has reissued in countless colorways, rather than the moonboots of yore. Then: Cargo pants, Now: Chinos Let face it: As cool as you thought your Polo cargo pants looked, you never stashed anything in their pockets. So why not get rid of them? And, while you at it, look for a slimmer fit. But keep the rugged look that we all loved 15 years ago, of course. What you left with is a classic pair of chinos. If you grew up in the 90s, you might have had a hard time adapting to the slim and skinny jeans that are everywhere these days. But don reach for those oversize overalls -- you know, the ones you rocked with one strap hanging down back in the day -- just yet. Instead

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