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-- The Things That Mainstream Society Don't Want People of Color To Know -

 Independent researcher, community activist, author and musician Baba Lawrence, who is the principle facilitator of Spearmangroup, has penned an interesting new novel, Melanin: The Basic Guide to Knowledge of Self

Baba Lawrence claims "Even though the topic of Melanin is one of the most studied aspects of biology, neuro science, and anatomy, its investigation is carried out by non-Melaninated people. No one with skin pigment has ever been involved in the research. As a result, my new book was written to help eliminate Melanin unawareness and spread the findings of eminent Melaninated scientists."

Known for his keen Afro centric perspectives, Lawrence wrote, The Wisdom Chronicles: Reconnecting with Ancestral Knowledge (, in 2007. Over the last twenty years Lawrence has served the minority community in Dallas by founding the first Afro centric active wear company Fresh Activewear, in 1992, a grassroots business school Streets University, in 2006, a Kemetic science lecture series, in 2007, and as board member of various community organizations.

Baba considers himself a business coach, life coach and conscious activist that has made presentations at conferences with such notable Black scholars as, Dr. Francis Cress Welshing, Dr. Llaila Afrika and Ra Un Nefer Amen. His full spectrum of community services has made him a highly sought after counselor by both individuals and the community.

Scheduled to launch in February 2014 during African History month, Melanin: The Basic Guide to Knowledge of Self expands the dialogue about a topic that the Western medical establishment has suppressed for over one hundred years. The book can be purchased online at Melanin: The Basic Guide to Knowledge of Self

About The Spearmangroup
Founded in 2005, the Spearmangroup practices what their Melaninated ancient ancestors taught, "The unseen controls the seen", and moreover, "to improve the fruits, you must nourish the roots". When seeking answers to today's problems, this bit of wisdom from the past is often neglected. As a result, they resolve client challenges, by providing solutions that focus on invisible principles, behind the visible problem. They do it through books (self published), coaching (business and life), and conscious activism (cultivating knowledge of self).

Spearmangroup's solutions are based on reconnecting with the past (sankofa), for clarity in the present actions that lead to well-being and success. Read more at


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Comment by Kamal Imani on January 21, 2014 at 1:01pm

Thank you for sharing! Hetep!

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