Massacre In South Carolina

Massacre in South Carolina

Black African Americans need a National Black African American Empowerment Plan more than ever now in 2015. There are three that I am aware of. 1. The Harvest Institute's PowerNomics 2. The Nation Of Islam's Empowerment Plan 3. The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) The third plan was created by me and was and is available at for free download. Our problems are so enormous, I recommend that Black African Americans support all three.... We need a plan that seeks to uplift and empower us economically, socially, politically, educationally and most importantly securely.

Those of us who consider ourselves conscious can't seem to get over our own egos to work together, so why should other Black Folks trust us to help them? We don't need no more arm chair revolutionaries, internet profits, pimping preachers, rap and clap conferences or politicians who have no solutions to our problems or a history of doing anything to change the conditions of our people. We are a People of cowards, who wouldn't think twice about harming each other, but are too afraid to pool our resources, trust each other and work for the uplift and empowerment of the people we say we love.

I have little patience for cowards who want to hide in fraternities and sororities meeting, churches, and social clubs, hiding behind their non-profit status as an excuse not to stand up for our people. No other race of people will ever respect Black Men and Women who want protect, uplift and empower themselves, their children and elderly. What happen in South Carolina was a tragedy, but without solutions to what is clearly a national race problem get ready for similar incidents. Under the Obama Administration, a tone was set with his response to race in this country with a Beer Summit. He could have proposed new legislation to address race, racism, racist laws and policies and reparations. Our Government has a role to play in changing racist policies because it has played a major role in creating and maintaining racist laws and policies that negatively impact Black African American People.

Recommendation For President Obama: Sign an Executive Order to collect data and make it public on every law and its impact by race and any local, county or state law that this is disproportionally impacting one or more groups based on their population should be amended or appealed.

Recommendation For Black African Americans: Demand A Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan to seeks to uplift and empower ourselves.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
7108 Bennell Drive
Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA 43068

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