16946_1304270737369_1548537265_771436_5083354_n.jpgEXCERPT FROM THE BOOK "A GOD WITHIN"

Can't touch my light,
Watch the speed dial of a wildchild, talk to myself when I talk to god ,there is no mortal here

I am ...so rude when the white boys call me dude, step to me and call me by my name G-O-D
Flowing forever growing they be knowing who I is or who I aint
Words so hard they splatter your brain matter
Lyrical disaster but lightning strikes 9 million different ways, I practice lyrical gunplay and say
This is my world...

My moms said with this poetry I'm a beast but at best I am in control of my own soul
I am an old soul, lets rock and roll, freestyle but my style is not free, like f*ck you pay me!
And watch and you shall see a real m-c
It's all about poetry!!!

As i travel through the soul-lar system
I am an aid, a weapon for the Most High whether you call him Ra, El, Yah-weh or Allah
I am he and he is me that's why i sing god is within me till eternity
Its the soul that's burning me, yearning seeking to go where no man has gone before
Next door, to another galaxy try the 19th
Where three suns rest and I can see the divine with human eyes
I rule, I is no fool, I learn from the master teacher, preachers are not needed
Eyeballs bleeding but not from that weed and I
Be reading proceeding to give you my third eye rules
1)each one teach one
2) load up the gun if you have too
3) you are where you suppose to be
True indeed lets proceed

Who shall devour I? they shall be the first fool I see
You see what's behind the retina behind the veins they shall face the pain with my sunshine
So bright I knock out satillites, a super nova, words flow better then that nigga Jay-hovah
His career is over nigga move over!
You can't get with the GOD, pay-per-view is needed
Set the stage and let the insane out the cage
In other words my brain and watch me think a man out of exsitence
Im so persistent in making things happen, stand back when that lyrical gun gets to clapping
B*tches need a slappin if you don't no whats happenin', wake up!!!!!!!!
This aint rapping this is poetry to the fullest

I need WATER
I drink water that's my power drink that helps me think, potent thoughts
I become that liquid, lyrics flow like streams
So it seems when you look at me you only see me in the physical form not etheric
But you better open up the 3rd,4th and 5th eye it's do or die in this world and I choose to do
Walk right up and spit right knowledge at you!, or him or her who want it?
I'm so arrogant when it comes to the truth but truth changes and the reality is this
I clutch up the black fist raise it in the air of racial prejudice
But who cares if the honkie man don't like me, he shouldn't like me, hes a dog I'm royalty!!

I sold my soul to another that didn't have one but still had enough to call a nigga bluff
They are not ready for me B, look at me eye to eye and see seas of energy
I have the green light, ready to go, cut off the afro, use to have dreads, I am godly
No hair, so you can see the cranium at work, think faster then the speed of light
Travel through you so whose next in the crew?, who want it? bring it!
I finish "I am god" in every ending of my sentence, replenish, re-spawn,
new growth, different realm
This is earth I shall rule
Look what my mother turned me into!!!

Copyright©2009 by HESEY RAMUS EMKHET

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