By H. Khalif Khalifah

DECEMBER 26, 2011

NAT TURNER LIBRARY, SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VA – Though we know it is a fact, still it never ceases to amaze that all religions and spiritual practices appear to find their origin inscribed in stones and other edifices in Ancient Kemit. It appears that our ancestors left the documentation to guide and provide for us during the opportune times of this age.

          An oft referenced portion of the Holy Qur’an called “The Self Accusing Spirit” was likely adopted from one of the hall marks of Kemitian teachings. Of course the story is translated and told in varied ways but the end result is the same: the aspirant’s heart is weighed during the early days of the Winter Solstice by the balancing of a feather… the story goes something like this…


          At the ¾ mark of the annual Cycle of our Sun through the Cosmos, we are at the end of the Harvest (Autumn Equinox): We’re reflecting on the years’ events, the successes as well as the lack of, and we are judging according to how well we enacted our “words, acts and deeds,” in taking care of our duties and responsibilities in life.

          Back at the beginning of the Cycle (the Spring Equinox) we planted spiritual seeds along with physical ones. Both seeds germinated, grew a plant that we nurtured during the summer, it bloomed and ripened into fruit.

 In the autumn we gathered the fruit, storing some away – identifying the best seeds to save for planting in the coming Spring Equinox. We also examined fruits that did not meet our expectations – identifying the low performing seeds to determine if we want to keep or throw them away.

          This is where the “self accusing spirit” comes in:

          Most of us are quite adept in examining physical fruits. But when it comes to the spirit, we tend to not devote equal time to the examination of our spiritual fruits: if we are even aware that spiritual seeds were also planted that are just as grow able as physical – and they too yielded crops.

          I am aware that this information may be beyond the average person. But because of Neterian Scholars, like Ra Un Nefer Amen, Dr. Muata Ashby & many, many others, there are a sizable market of Afrikans who are following the above…for the others, please just bear with me as I try to share my introspective thoughts on this first day of Kwanzaa: a “celebration of the first fruits from the harvest.”

          Us who were observant, to a certain degree of the happenings in the creation during the 2011 Solar Cycle are now into some serious introspection. It is introspection rather than reflection because the level of our successful Spiritual harvest will allow for a good “judging” as to where we have progressed: no one else qualifies to do this: it is our conscious that will judge us. We are in a introspective disposition.

          The decision that is made about our progress may well mean we’ll be entitled to add titles to our names to reflect the degree of our success. If in the unlikely event you have mastered each Neter, or Law, you will now be Ausar.

On the other hand, if you didn’t reach your goals, you’ll always have 2012 Solar Cycle to master what it is that you didn’t this year. That is unless your life is so imbalanced that you lose it…

Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on your degree of assent) us human beings are just as dependent on each other to evolve, as we are dependent upon the Laws of MAAT to master any particular one of them.

There is no shame in whatever is determined our hearts weigh at the Final Judgment this month. If your heart did not balance the proverbial feather, your punishment will be determined entirely as to how well you did overall.

There is only “shame” is understanding that your planting fell short of expectations. Meanwhile, your understanding gives you the wisdom to begin preparation in THIS SEASON for the planting in the coming Spring Equinox. This includes the inconvenience that your life may have been an apparently, impediment to the growth or expression of some other individual.

If anyone feel that my life have impeded the expression, growth or evolvement of your own, please call for a discussion to find a dissolution. Remember, there is always a Right way to achieve everything.



H. Khalif Khalifah is the Founder and director of The Nat Turner Library in Southampton  County, Virginia. 434-378-2140.

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