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Leave the Rat Race to the Rats - a blueprint for transforming the dismal American ghettos

My new book "Leave the Rat Race to the Rats" has just been released. This is my second book on the Goodwill Revolution.
About the book:
America boasts about its grand quality of life while the ghettos wallow in despair and neglect. The residents of these poor black ghettos must put up with conditions such as inferior education, slave wage jobs, high unemployment, no health insurance, high crime rate , unjust hostile policing, political impotency. My book, “Leave the Rat Race to the Rats”, is a blueprint for transforming the dismal American ghettos by abandoning the rat race culture for the goodwillism of the goodwill revolution. We are told that education and hard work is the way to achieve the American dream. But, not in the ghetto. Instead, rat race education reinforces feelings of inferiority and makes dropping out seem very attractive. With the highest unemployment in the land and with most jobs in the ghetto failing to provide a living wage, permanent employment, benefits and security, too many workers lose hope, their dignity and self-esteem. This book not just harps about the problems, but offers real revolutionary solutions, goodwill revolutionary solutions. This book is the first in a trilogy. The other two, “Tackling Crime and Policing in the Ghetto” and “Overcoming Political Impotence in the Ghetto” are to be released soon.

Available as an ebook for $2.99 at

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