Landmarks and Destinations in Dubai

If you want to discover the new world life, technology, huge building and modern civilizations so you should visit Dubai City in United Arab Emirates.

Al Bastakiya

Being one of the oldest residential areas in Dubai, Al Bastakiya is named after the 'Bastak' region of Iran, the origin of several emigrated residents. Located along the Dubai Creek, it includes narrow lanes and wind towers and the Al Fahidi Fort, one of the oldest existing buildings in Dubai.

Al Bastakiya is marked by the presence of a wide array of old wind towers along the Dubai Creek. The traditional courtyard houses decorated with tall wind towers intended to cool the buildings during the pre-electricity era are separated by narrow lanes, called 'sikkas'.

The Dubai Museum located in the oldest building in Dubai (Fort Al Fahidi) displays the traditional life of Bedouins. It is one of the famous Dubai Tourist Attractions The Bastakiya also houses the first office building in Dubai, 'Bait Al Wakeel', galleries including the Majlis gallery, small hotels, Caligraphy House, and Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. Every Saturday morning, there is an open air market (Souq), with several artistic events happening, particularly during the winter months. When visiting Bastakiya, it is important to note that it is closed for car traffic.

Burj Al Arab

It is an iconic symbol of Dubai and one of the famous tourist landmarks in the region. Being, a hotel, the Burj Al Arab was unveiled in 1999, and has established its presence as a leading five star hotel built on an artificial island, with a sail-shaped build, of 321m in height. It is an extraordinary building with superb interior décor, and has a sky-view bar offering amazing views.

Deira Clock Tower

The Clock Tower in Deira, built in 1963, is also known as the Dubai Clocktower. Located in Deira of eastern Dubai, along the intersection of Umm Hurair Road and Al Maktoum Road, at the Al Rigga locality, the clocktower is a major monument in Deira, offering access to the Al Maktoum Bridge, the first land crossing constructed between Bur Dubai and Deira. The clocktower was erected as a symbol of Dubai, and was erected in Deira, as that was the convergence point of all major routes to Dubai before construction of the Dubai-Abu Dhabi road. Constructed by the Overseas AST in 1964, the monument began to crack and corrode towards 1972, and it was renovated again in 1972.

Dubai Trips to Marina

Being one of the largest manmade marinas in the world, the Dubai Marina is located close to the heart of ‘New Dubai’ and is connected to the Jebel Ali Port, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and the American University in Dubai.

Dubai Marina is a canal city, which, on completion has the capacity to accommodate a population of 120,000 in its residential towers and villas. The first phase of Dubai Marina comprises six freehold apartment buildings, including the Dubai Marina Towers. The Phase II constitutes several high-rise buildings, including the Infinity Towers, Ocean Heights, Sulafa Tower, Marina Pinnacle, 23 Marina, Elite Residence, Princess Tower, Damac Heights, Marina 101, Marina 106, and a tall pentominium.

The Palm Triology in Dubai is a good example of an ideal luxurious lifestyle destination. The trademarks of man-made islands resembling a palm are evident, even when viewed from atop. The Palm Trilogy comprises of the Palm Jebel Ali, the Palm Deira and the Palm Jumeirah. The Palm Triology is another amazing mad-made residential adventure, promising luxurious of living near the beach, amidst opulent amenities. Offering luxury hotels, exclusive beachside homes, water theme parks, marinas, and entertainment and sports amenities, The Palms are also considered as the eighth wonder of the world.


Dubailand is a major real estate, tourism, hospitality, retail, leisure and entertainment complex, covering more than 3bn square feet in area. Being managed by the Dubai Government’s Dubai development and Investment Authority (DDIA), it is a leading tourist destination for Middle East.

Located along the Emirates Road and the Dubai-Al Ain Road, it will offer easy access from Dubai to Ain, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, and is just 60 minutes away from Abu Dhabi, 10 minutes from Dubai Airport and 20minutes from Sharjah.

The Dubailand Themepark includes 45 mega projects and more than 200 tourism, entertainment and leisure projects, and thereby appears appealing to the widest of tourists across all nations and age groups. The Dubailand themepark, on completion, will be twice the size of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, making it the biggest amusement park in the world.

There are six themed areas with several projects focusing on various aspects of Dubailand experience, which include the Attractions and Experience World, Sports and Outdoor World, Eco-tourism world, themed leisure and vacation world, retail and entertainment world and downtown.

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