Kwanzaa Is Coming!

Targeting Black People by Baba Asinia Lukata Chikuyu

During the 2012 Community Kwanzaa Celebration (CKC) at the Medgar Evers Community Center in Jackson, ms the seven night celebration averaged 75 people nightly for the event. That means there were over 500 willing participants engaged in cultural enrichment, self-love affirming and positive community improvement strategizing at the Annual New Afrikan Cultural Celebration.

From it’s inception in 1990, the Community Kwanzaa Celebration has always belonged to the community and has been open to community-based organizations for public services announcements/public education. In fact, this is one of the purposes of this event. The CKC Committee has always invited our organizations to share pertinent information with our celebrants that might enrich the quality of their lives.

So, once again this year, we wanna invite all community-based organizations with information especially targeted for the New Afrikan Community to be an information vendor at this year’s celebration. As always the Community Kwanzaa Celebration will be held at the Medgar Evers Community Center, 3159 Edwards Avenue in Jackson. And again, The Celebration will begin on December 26th - January 1st and will begin nightly at 6pm-9pm.

There is NO CHARGE for information vendors, so if your information targets Black People you should be at the 23rd Annual Community Kwanzaa Celebration! Your can and should pick a night to do a 5-10 minute presentation about your program and bring lots of literature for distribution. HIV/AIDS programs, Health & Wellness Projects, African-american Diabetes Projects and others are invited and encouraged to become an intricate part of this Afrikan Cultural Celebration.

For more details, contact Brother David at 601.608.8327 or Baba Lukata at 601.979.1413.

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