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   As I read this article, this statement jumped out at me; "When we talked about a new majority, if our new majority doesn't have a vision for white folks who've been locked in poverty generationally, then we're never going to quite get there."  Kudus to Me Ben for diagnosing the malady, but the cure is still left lacking. Until the mis-education of the White man is remedied, the elitist mindset of the impoverished segment of the majority population is addressed, change is next to impossible to  accomplished to the degree the Founders envisioned for themselves and their Posterity.  Why do I say this? When one returns and rereads the Preamble of the One Founding document that stipulates the intent of the Founders, it becomes chystal  clear that the plans for this Land was for the purpose of exploitation the many and enrichment for The Few. 

   There's a scriptural passage which states "My People Are Lost For Lack Of Knowledge!" (Hosea.4:6)   When things happen in the world of politics and economics, especially when they continue to happen with marvellous
consistency, then they are being made to happen and are meant to happen.  A piece of ancient wisdom
which the Romans sumerised in two words pregnant with meaning: Cui Bono? Or, as we would
say today when trying to unravel some political mystery: Who stands to benefit.   To unravel this current enigma of who benefits from the way things are today requires the study of a bit of History; not his story but those documents which has been suppressed. Lets start with the text of the Papal Bulls of Pope Nicholas-V in 1541. then meander  down through the50 years or so to the establishment of the authority under which Christopher Columbus debarked from Spain, known as the Doctrine of Discovery. 
Here you'll find within these documents to the names and faces of the relevant beneficeries of  this alleged Apostolic Sanctioned Authority to either enslave impoverish, or annihilate all Pagans, Saracens and Heathens who resisted conversion to Christianity.  Thus you have the foundation for the Crusades and the Inquisition. the invasion of Ireland, Wales and Scotland by the Roman Legions. 

    What I wish to shed light upon is the manifestation of some of the evidence  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright must of alluded to when uttering the remarks that drove the wedge between himself and his now most esteem Church member. But there's more; so much more, but for a later time. So let me close by asking; Is there a profound misunderstanding today of MLK's message by those of us who were suppose to have benefitted from the Dream he proclaimed? Were we to seek the equality he spoke of by the destruction of our own? Was equality to be found in with-in the illusion of invading establishments of businesses and spending your money where you weren't welcome? Who really benefitted from these efforts of civil disobedience? Who owned the Businesses that went "belly-up" for the lack of support? Walk around the south-side of Chicago and see what once use to thrive in Black neighborhoods and answer Who Benefitted from your own lack of Knowledge of who you are as a People? Yet It has all happened before and continues to happen. Greenwood Oklahoma is an earlier example; The Sit of Black Wallstreet.



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       There's a word I have yet to hear any of our erudite Clergy attempt to explain the context of; ENMITY; why was the Creator so touchy toward the antics of the Serpent and his Mud-ball Concubine?  Was it because of the sic" be-guiledment" or the en-sueing "seduction" or did the seduction take place first? In any-case, who are what Eve had conceived from this tryst seems to explain the need for the Enmity between the two Seeds and Eve's painful delivery of her first born via the Serpent. My thinking probably seems strange to a lot of you but, so many question have been left unasked and unanswered. Such as; before the Serpent received his portion of thee curse, what did It really look like to not have freightened Eve during their first encounter?

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    I have often been told that if one want's to hide anything of value from the Black Man, secret it in a book. Could this be the reason Reading has never been one of the top priorities in current acquired Black Culture? From my perspective in regards to this phenomenom, the old analogy of how to catch a monkey comes to mind. The method for catching a monkey is to first obtain a Jar with an opening just large enough for the animal to reach his open hand into. Next, attach this container to a tree with a strong line, then place some shiny trinket and food items that monkey's likes, as enticements. Then, just sit back and wait. Along comes Mr. Monkey; beguiled by the smell of the food and the attractive trinkets. Resistance is the farthest thing from the Monkey's mind. It rushes up, places it's hand in the jar and grabs the food and shiny trinkets then, attempts to leave with it's new found treasure, only to discover that his closed fist full of food and trinkets will not now exit the jar opening. Rather than release the food and trinkets to enable it's escape..... Well, you can imagine the ending. But remember, the Powers-that-Be are generating enormous sums from the building of Cages for Trinket lovers. 

       I can hear y'all now, grumbling, "how is this relevant to anything Scriptural?" Well I'll tell ya! but first you have to remove What we have been programed to believe and accept is the means to get to the Promised Land and view the Bible (at least the first book of it) as an Owner's Manual issued by the Creator to instruct this Image of It's Self, about why you're here, how you came to be here and what to do after, to thrive and survive while you are here.

       The analogy of the monkey is an ages old method of teaching, we as a People used to instill knowledge we did not want those without eyes to see or ears to hear [comprehend and decipher] thereby enabling the formation of counter strategies. A good example of this is the use the Navajo Code-talkers during WWll. The movie Roots, resurrected the specter of the Grio as another means of passing information prior to the invention of the telecommunication technology of today. Different Cultures used different methods, to get the word out other than in books long before the invention of the Printing press. Restricting the Black Man's ability to read was a Benefit to only a Paranoid Few and counter to the Instruction in the Owner's Manual   to wit; From the work of J.J. Wiseman New Discoveries In Babylonia about Genesis. Available for download in PDF at

    "THIS book is the outcome of studies in archaeology and Genesis, while
    working in the  land of  Genesis—Babylonia.  The  investigation of the
    literary problems of the book in its ancient environment, and in the light
    of the mass of new facts regarding ancient literary methods, throws an
    entirely new light on the problem of its authorship." The Excavations At UR by C. Leonard Wooly and the Discoveries At Nineveh ,<;

      The archaeology and the physically displayed discoveries in museums about Us, which extends back before either of the three mainstream religions in the World were established, cannot be ignored any longer. We must start to read to the Children to prove they have no reason to be Ashamed of who they are in-spite of Government school programming.

    There Can Be No PEACE without KNOWLEDGE


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