Keeping Mobile Employees Connected With Chase Force

In this increasingly mobile world where workers are scattered across the country, state, county and city, it is important to keep them connected and productive. The tools and software they need are easier and more accessible than before. Employees connect through smart phones, tablets and other popular mobile devices to check email, review revised documents and reports and send approvals back to their home offices. IT departments count on the Cloud to store valuable data for traveling staff.

The Emergence of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device to the Work

When employees bring their own digital devices to work and use them for that purpose, it puts an undue strain on Information Technology departments to find ways to secure data that is uploaded and protect data from malware and viruses which is downloaded onto corporate computers. However, there are software applications coming on the market which offer solutions to keeping valuable data safe. Along with this, businesses are taking advantage of the ease in using tablets and distributing them to mobile employees in record numbers. Corporate Information Officers - those who oversee the IT department - understand the need for every moving staff person to use the same equipment with the same corporate installed software instead of individual ones.

Online Solutions
Browser supported software and applications are making it easier for marketing and other teams to share updates, revisions and approvals on the go. There is no more waiting for someone to load a revised document on the company server and no more waiting to download it from there. Shared communication is quicker and easier with a browser supported program. Online browsers become sort of a repository for needed data and one which is easy to get and obtain what is needed. Anyone on the team can get a hold of what they need and therefore increase their efficiency. It also leaves a good trail of who revised what and when. Anyone who has been through an audit of paperwork knows this is valuable. Pinterest here takes a closer look at mobile workforce solutions in the digital age.

Affordability, Ease of Use, Efficient and Available
These are the words to focus on when planning to upgrade mobile digital devices in the 21st Century and beyond. The devices must be affordable to update, set up and maintain in order to gain a good ROI (Return On Investment). They must be easy to use for everyone inside the office and especially for those on the road. Software, applications and any other program loaded on the device should be shared across the enterprise. The same ease in using these programs allows for better efficiency in both time and productivity. Availability is another top concern for mobile workforce staff. Will they have what they need available to them when they need it? What if the device breaks down or is stolen on the road? How soon can they get a replacement? The availability of both stock and data when needed is one of the top considerations employees expect.

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