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now, why did i say: just another niggah dead? the answer is simple and most of us know what it is but are performing all types of psychological acrobatics to avoid facing it. and the remaining ones that don't know for some reason or another, are just simply naive. the reason why lil brotha travyon was executed out in the open is because black people are not taken seriously, have no worth when it comes to human value, nor have the right attitude that would make any honky think twice about killing one of our own.

for the umpteenth time, it is beyond insane turning to a criminal system to seek justice for a crime committed by one of its own. zimmerman is just an extension of the p.i.g.s. who for want of a better name call themselves the police. and the p.i.g.s. are the first line of defense, paid to protect the propertied class which means that lil trayvon had two strikes working against him. there's your answer as to why zimmerman was never arrested. had black folk been politicized correctly, given the right dose of medicine, instead of all the civil rights characters like al sharpton and jesse jackson with their appeasing-the-enemy speeches, we would have overstood from the very beginning. 

would a crip turn to a blood for killing one of his own? would a vice lord turn to a gangster disciple for justice after one of his own was murdered in one of the occuplied colonies of chicago? better yet, would the so-called jew turn to a nazi to seek justice for all the crimes against humanity that was practiced against one of his own? does the united snakkkes ever turn to the government of those who have killed honkies and sought justice? no! what did they do, when one of their own was killed? and the reason why they have done what they've done is because of a particular attitude which is partially predicated on self-preservation.

and the fact that zimmerman still is at large, free as a bird used to be, is beyond clear proof, an over-doing-it even, of a lack of respect for black people who want to refer to themselves as african-amerikkkans. it is the attitude of the people that moves the people in a desired direction whatever the case may be. therefore, black people will always find themselves begging and crying their hearts out to a people who have long shown us that they are barbaric, and will not consent to being human with those other than themselves.

so, there must be some serious psychological issues that have plagued black people since physical slavery, and kept in place by those whom have come along and been fed to us as leaders going back to the early twentieth century. frederick douglass had notice the same thing, which prompted him to say that black people wanted rain without thunder. they wanted the crop withouts getting their hands and knees dirty. during the 1830s david walker had written in so many words, that when the enemy gets caught with his pants down and black people had not struck or made a move for their freedom by severing the enemy's head from his shoulders, then they should be treated in the manner that they are being treated. they deserved to be treated as slaves! and nowadays the same analysis has held true. brother after brother after brother after brother has been executed. it's just another niggah dead!


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