3828580626?profile=originalJudge Mathis Issues Statement on "Nina" Biopic

In response to the recent controversy regarding Zoe Saldana's portrayal of Nina Simone in the biopic "Nina", Judge Greg Mathis has released the following statement:

 "The recent controversy involving Zoe Saldana's altered appearance in her portrayal of Nina Simone for the upcoming biopic Nina provides a teachable moment on the interracial divisions that have plagued descendants of African slaves for hundreds of years. Ultimately, this discussion reflects differing opinions on skin tone accuracy among Black actors portraying real life Blacks of a different hue.

Zoe Saldana is unquestionably of African ancestry being part Dominican, Puerto Rican and Haitian. Thus, this is no blackface issue where Black stereotypes are conveyed by Whites wearing black makeup. This conversation revisits the historic and painful divisions of people of African descent based upon black skin tone. One of the horrific vestiges of slavery is the calculated strategy to divide African slaves based upon skin tone so that they would not unite against slaveowners. Indeed, Willie Lynch – an established slave owner stated in a major address to American slave owners that:

'You must use the dark skin slaves vs. the light skin slaves, and the light skin slaves vs. the dark skin...If used intensely for one year, the slaves themselves will remain perpetually distrustful of each other.'

For generations, this division has been a widely-known interracial schism within the Black community. The debate surrounding Zoe Saldana's depiction of Nina Simone should not be about the use of makeup to portray the iconic singer or about facial features. It should provoke an elevated discussion about a subject that has been swept, and kept, under a rug of humiliation and degradation of a race divided by strategy and circumstance. It gives us another opportunity to revisit a time in history we must never avoid or forget. We should not allow Lynch's theory for division within the Black race to be our destiny."

For More Information Contact:
Stacy Leak
(773) 720-6138

SOURCE Judge Greg Mathis; RLJ
CHICAGOMarch 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

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  • Greetings Stacy - while i agree with Greg on the divisiveness of the Nina discussion, however i feel the discussion is desperately needed for us to defeat the effects of the willie lynch syndrome.  At the same time, We all have to respect the opinions of this way of the discussion with the end goal be a real workable soulutions to the issue that is the best for the New Afrikan Community-Family.  At the same time, We, especially the actors,  have to be prepared to do the right thang for the New Afrikan Community-Family.  Sadly, i do realize that, there is not enough work for New Afrikans in hollywood, justifying Zoe Saldana not voluntarily steppin' aside for a person with more natural "African figures".  What might be even sadder is the idea that New Afrikan continue to expect hollywood to create work for New Afrikans and do right by New Afrikans.

    i think what We, New Afrikan, don't understand about the willie lynch syndrome is the Afrikan Cultural Deprivation Syndrome.  Afrikan Cultural Deprivation Syndrome (ACDS) is a major mentally and physically debilitating disease that prohibits Africans in americans, and throughout the Diaspora, from climbing the social hierarchy of self-actualization due to a lack of self awareness and historical roots. ACDS is definitely an ingredient in the mix of causes that perpetuates the socio-economical and cultural depression of the Black Community.  The R.E.A.L. Learning Institute develops strategies and tactics for healing the injures to People of African Descent (PAD) that resulted from our oppression, suppression and subjugation to white privilege and white supremacy inherent in america society.

    REAL Learning from Baba Asinia Lukata Chikuyu

    Founder, REAL Learning Institute & 

    New Afrikan Cultural & Educational Consultant


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