It's Not Kool Aid This Time

One of the most infamous cult leaders was Jim Jones. The faithful loyal followers of his cult would do anything he said. They were so loyal that he could shoot an individual on a widely trafficked New York City street and not "lose one follower". Such is the nature of a cult.


However, this time Trump did not order his Republican cult members to swallow Kool Aid. Instead, he incited them to attack the US Capitol. They obediently did, but many now face arrest for this seditious act. So far, the fanatical leader of the cult, Donald Trump, does not face arrest. This seems very unfair.

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Michael Irving Phillips has kept abreast of Jamaican and the rest of the Caribbean by his one-man production of Hot Calaloo, a newsletter about Caribbean news and views. From April 1992 to December 1999, it was published monthly and was transferred to the web at since then.

He was born in Jamaica and left home for Howard University in the US where he received MA (Education) and BS (Chemistry) degrees. Previous books includes :"A Jamaica Poor No More", "Boycott Money And Save Your Soul – Launching The Goodwill Revolution:, “Leave the Rat Race To The Rats” and “Poems for Husbands and Other Underdogs

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