By Sapphire Mann Ahmed, M. D., MPH

February 26, 2011



Obama’s politically manufactured bottom up change ‘rhetoric’ has ricocheted back on to the USA imperial greedy capitalist society and its zionist colony. It is a royal irony that peoples of Africa and its Arab Peninsula, rather than the American bottom classes, are realizing Mr. Obama's ‘bottom up change’ seriously.



Truly, our brother President Obama, should receive the Middle-Eastern Nobel Bottom Up Change Prize. The Egyptians and soon to be, all the peoples of the so-called undeveloped world, will reverberate against the decades of European-USA exported privatization and free markets. But, when will the bottom classes of the USA help Obama’s bottom up change rhetoric become a reality in the USA? Americans without or with low paying jobs and those who have poor educational opportunities; those living in over-priced matchboxes in our policed cities; the millions without health care access; and all ‘working’ Americans must understand that the bottom up change will not likely be led by Mr. Obama. Rather, we, the working peoples of the USA need to suppress our racial, religious and social difference in order to unite to pressure the USA government to serve us by reforming the entire economic system. How long will the shrinking percent of nauseously wealthy persons be allowed to abuse all our social systems to practice unbridle greed and profit as we drown economically? Working Americans, not those who profit threw various financial gambling ventures and business corruption, should be served by government. However, this is not the case in the USA today.



(Please, read the attached article. One can get a better understanding that the ‘religion’ of free market and privatization that has been exported to Africa and Arabia are the reasons for the extreme political, military and suppression of the peoples by European-USA sponsored neo-colonial regimes.)




  1. Change from the bottom up |

Jan 19, 2009 ... Change from the bottom up. The time is now to start translating the hopes and ... "We're the change we've been waiting for," Obama often said. .... and the budget-cutting bandwagon · Winds of change in the Middle East ...



2. WICHITA, Kan. — Senator Barack Obama says the top priority of the next president should be to create a more lasting and equitable prosperity than achieved by either President Bush in the current decade or even Bill Clinton in the 1990s.


Skip to next paragraph If Elected …In an hour long interview outlining his economic views, Mr. Obama praised the Clinton administration for reducing the deficit and setting the stage for the ’90s boom. But he said Mr. Clinton had failed to halt a long-term increase in income inequality that had left the middle class feeling squeezed.



If elected, Mr. Obama said he would to try to forge a popular mandate for policy changes that could reverse a generation of slow wage growth and outlast any one administration. At the top of his list would be shifting the tax burden more toward the wealthy and making investments — in health care, alternative-energy research and education — that would cost a significant amount of money but could ultimately lift economic growth.



“The project of the next president is figuring out how do you create bottom-up economic growth, as opposed to the trickle-down economic growth that George Bush has been so enamored with,” Mr. Obama, an Illinois Democrat, said.


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