books-for-sale.jpg?width=450“Some Ideals propagated by Christianity like, “Love your enemies,” “Turn the other cheeks,” “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us,” “My kingdom is not of this world,” have no place in European life.

They make sense only when we see how it was successfully used by Europeans to confuse and dominate the world.

“Love your enemies,” or “Forgive us our trespasses...” are not ideals by which any European will abide; yet they are the ideals that European missionaries imposed on Africans.

These ideals served the purpose of weakening us psychologically, and also to prepare our minds for the onslaught Europeans launched against us. They are simply utilitarian tools that Europe used to successfully break our will to resist their imposition and domination.

They served to transform our conquerors into saviours for us to worship.
Sadly, these are the same ideals our pastors today use to render us into unthinking masses of simpletons, so that they and the political elite can continue to loot our national resources.

We hope that our struggle will propel other honest Africans to begin to challenge the false preaching of Christians and, hopefully, regain some of our African patrimony before they are totally destroyed by the lies Christians peddle.

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