3828555476?profile=originalThe Ashanti Fellowship Program in collaboration with BaylorICWorldwide - TV will be conducting a National Casting Call on November 23, 2013 at the Grenada Trade Center,Grande Anse, St. Georges in search of people interested in becoming part of a team to produce several film and media projects.

Ingram and #Atiya along with colleague Fragrance Francique will select 30-50 people including 15-20 actors/actresses/presenters; extras; pre and post production people
(stage hands, set designers, assistants, runners, videographers, photographers, grips, make up artists, costume designers, special effects, editors, sound and music technicians, gaffers, visual effects people, and more). 

3828555510?profile=originalThis is an open casting call for all ages, calling the best of what #Grenada has to offer.

Mr. Francique, the founder of Ashanti Arts & Media Logistics, who has a rich history in film, television, radio, theatre,and music, says it’s time for action. “Video/film production is something I have always been involved in. Over an 18-month period we will put together an all Grenadian production unit of the highest level to deliver programs and news,entertainment, current affairs, education, etc. throughout Grenada.Charity begins at home and ends abroad!”

Ingram and Atiya, an internationally acclaimed husband and wife team and respectively the founders of BaylorIC Worldwide – TV looks forward to seeing potential candidates bright and early on the day. “Together we have a plethora of experience in media, modeling, acting, entertainment, and pageantry. We know that Grenada’s got talent. It is our objective to mine out that talent and place it on a world platform creating global opportunities.”

In order to be considered, potential candidates must bring their resumes/CV; composites/photos or portfolios; a good attitude and a smile.

The start time for the event is 8:00 a.m. and in order to be seen candidates must arrive by 10:00a.m. Be prepared to spend some time.

Ashanti Arts & Media Logistics is an educational institution that provides in-depth training and development in the
arts and media. 

BaylorIC Worldwide – TV is an independent entertainment television and media outlet which focuses on presenting progressive, positive, and innovative programming bringing the world closer to you.

For additional information, please contact Fragrance Francique at 818.658.5533 Ext. 203 or email auditions@ingramandatiya.com.

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