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The IMC-Africa Working Group is convening next month at the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal. Please DONATE to help fund DELEGATE TRAVEL EXPENSES. Deadline: Sunday, Jan 23, 2011

Dakar, Senegal Donation link\


I want to take this time to pause and thank each of you for your prayers and good wishes, your efforts and support has helped me get to this point. I love you all!


If you are receiving this email , it is because you are important in my life. Today, I got great news, I was asked at a meeting to join the staff of whyy newsworks.org project, a small part but the door could / will open . As you may know, there is a Huge forum for independent journalist being held in parts of the African continent. NewsWorks opportunity is a blessinghttp://www.newsworks.org/ . I have worked in good faith past few months contributing to the growth of the new venture. Day and night I have contributed information, this seems to have paid off. I want/need the community to get the resources that they need to survive, as I care for the General Welfare of the community.

My goal until the 23rd of January is $600 bucks, 12 ppl donating $50 or 24 ppl donating $25 or 48 ppl donating $12.50 .... i have tried everything last venture was shoveling snow, raised $10 donation. It hurts so bad...

I am blessed to have you as a family member. I am so humbled by the efforts of ppl all around the country raising funds and my expenses are included. STOP, I am not asking you for a dime! I'm serious, times are hard. I just want you to celebrate this effort with me. The trip will come and go, as if i have continued good health i will make one pilgrimage to Africa before it is all over.

I now realize and understand a lot about me...the struggle continues, as the revolution will not be televised.

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From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 8:04 PM
Subject: draft note to xxxxx

hi xxxx, xxxx, bob -- any feedback on this?


Dear Mr. XXX,

XXXX forwarded me the email she sent to you about the Philadelphia
IMC's funding request. We spoke last night and she encouraged me to email
you directly.

I have been involved in Philly IMC since it started, though since 2005 I
have also had other roles in the global IMCs and with other local IMCs.
With Philly, I do remember learning about your support early on, although
I was not a part of the initial fundraising. Without question, the
coverage we did of the RNC protests that summer changed my life and my
perception of what was possible. Thank you for providing the yeast for

The gathering next month in Dakar is another event that could change
lives, I believe. XXXXX has summarized it well, so I'll just add a few
details. We are still looking for funds to support African delegates'
travel, as well as to support sending 2 delegates from Philly IMC's
editorial team. The proposal XXXXXX attached to her email outlines the
way our editorial team works, relying on liaisons with other key media and
social networking outlets -- both established and emerging. For this
reason, our priority is to send Bob Shipman, a longtime organizer and
servant leader in Philadelphia's black community. Bob has mastered a range
of social networking tools and effectively uses them to get the word out
about the newest developments in social networking. His work honors all
the different players involved in the process of spreading
community-centered news. One of his recent stories, on the grassroots
reporting on the Georgia prison strike, demonstrates this well:

LINK HERE http://phillyimc.org/en/word-out-striking-georgia-prisoners-gain-na...

Here are a few more of Bob's recent reports:

LINK HERE http://phillyimc.org/en/tracker/70

As you can see, Bob's stories focus on the organizing in the Black
community in a way that makes them accessible to all. Both his area of
focus and his familiarity with social networking tools will make Bob a
very valuable contributor to the gathering in Dakar. The use of cell
phone-based technology is high on the priority list for training due to
its technical accessibility in many African countries (versus the relative
inaccessibility of broadband internet). And the value of communication
links between black liberation organizers in Africa and the US cannot be

The pdf explains our goals for the gathering in more detail. (I can
re-send it if you need.) Due to challenges with funding, we have delayed
it slightly so that it starts on Feb 2nd and ends on Feb 13 now. But just
today we have had good news from one of our past funders, so it is with
hope that I turn to you as well.

I'd be pleased to meet or speak via phone to answer any questions that you
might have. My cell is xxxxxxxx

just in .......................................
its hard to do things that others don't understand. but i believe that in
time god puts the people in our lives who can see what we are doing.

look!! we just got very good news for the project:

On 1/18/11 6:30 PM, xxxxx wrote:
> Hey everybody
> I am pleased to break the news that xxxxxxx will fund the
> convergence with 7500 Euros (we had asked for ca 13000 Euros= $
> 20.000).



Bob Shipman

Donations to The Shipman Family Services Fund is being used for the


ome 100 media-makers from Africa will be joined by delegations from across the
world for a three-week experience of training, networking and collaboration.
Organizers seek donations of funds, equipment and food.

Mission to provide individuals, families and organizations with disability, health, life information and other resources.

The Shipman Family Services Fund is an international membership non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the non-medical needs of children, their families and communities. Our mission is to enhance lives through programs and services that offer friendship, good times, great memories, and social and emotional support." We refer and assist with insurance and disability information and products. We assist with NON Profit set ups, creating relationships with fiscal agents for your

Good news, you can use your debit or pre paid card to help....thanks

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    Thanks to the donors from our family, getting close, group trip begins in 2 weeks feb 3-14
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