UNITED BROTHERS & SISTERS COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS 26070 Barhams Hills Road – Drewryville, VA 23844 (704) 509-6773 (704) 277-1462 publish@khabooks.com ∙KHABOOKS HOLISTIC HEALTH RETREATSLAVE MUSEUM∙YBBG http://www.khabooks.com January 12, 2009 INAUGURAL MEETING OF BLACK NATIONALIST AND INDEPENDENT BLACK COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS/ACTIVIST JANUARY 17, 2009 SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA – It is not necessary to register in advance to attend and participate in the first annual Black nationalist and Independent Black Community Organizers and Activist Summit Meeting. But is respectfully requested. The Meeting is on the historic weekend leading to the Inauguration of Barack Obama as the first African American president of the United States of America. RSVP is requested for those who intend to “take the Nat Turner Living History Tour,” or “feast on the great dinner afterwards.” Participation in the morning and evening 2 hour meetings are free! [10 am & 4 p.m] H. Khalif Khalifah, the founder and president of UBUS Communications Systems is sponsoring a “Summit Meeting” to assess ISSUES effective approaches to continue the Independent Black struggle of Black people to Freedom, Justice and Equality. “Traditional Black politicians and others who see inclusion in ‘The American experiment’ as the way to achieve freedom from chattel slavery, oppression, 2nd class citizenship and other forms of oppression” are re-assessing their own approaches to achieve equality under the laws of the USA. “Black nationalist and Independent Community Organizers and other activists are also assessing our approaches to win our Freedom.” Said Khalifah Khalifah has been called, “the Father of Independent Publishing.” He unconditionally endorsed Barack Obama for president before the Primary began in 2008. But he is not “expecting any favors from him,” and no doubt he will not get any. “What we will get is some of the same energy Barack tapped into to win the presidency. The energy is there, but you must be busy activating your programs like never before. If you don’t have any programs, or agendas but know something must happen in Black America, OTHER than the ‘change’ Barack and the mass majority of his supporters ‘believe in,’ the Summit Conference will network your ideals with the ideals of like minded people. “We must not be marginalized in 2008. We have a great opportunity to ‘energize’ our Noble struggle for independence and freedom. This cannot be done unless we are actively struggling for the same freedoms that our most celebrated Black would-be-liberators gave their lives to during our 400 years of oppression.” Some of the champions for independent freedom were: Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Kwame Toure, Ralph Featherstone, Clarence 13X, Huey P. Newton, Robert Mendencees Harris, John Henric Clarke, Amos N. Wilson, Kofi Brown, Queen Mother Moore, W. E. B. Dubois, Brother Lumumba Odinga, Nana Butwiku Ekow, Robert Williams and too many others to name. “Black nationalist issues are very well defined. They are written in the Blood, Sweat and Tears of Black people whose aspirations for freedom was not in variance with what Barack Obama, or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., i.e. desired. But freedom for the ancestors named INCLUDED Reparations and Self-Determination all across the Socialization process in every society where we find ourselves as a people.” Reparations will be the focal point for both meetings. But “Community Organizers” and “Black Activist” focal issues: like Police Brutality, Health Care, Education, Kwanzaa, Food Co-ops [organic and Natural] will take up most of the time during both meetings. The Summit Meetings will be in the Khalifah Library: 26070 Barhamshills Road, Southampton County, Virginia 23844. Registration is $60.00; it includes The Nat Turner Trail Tour Saturday Afternoon and dinner Saturday evening. There will be an “Open House” tour of The Khalifah Estates on Sunday and Monday. You can RSVP by via unitedmail@khabooks.com or call (704) 277-1462.
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  • hetep,

    "Khalifah... unconditionally endorsed Barack Obama for president before the Primary began in 2008. But he is not “expecting any favors from him,” and no doubt he will not get any."

    then why endorse that negro, if there ain't nothing in it for him? if the white jew endorses a neo-nazi running for office, but knowing that's his enemy, you better believe it won't be for free. it's way pass time we stop the vote for him cause he black bullshit. that negro is an agent of the powers-that-be straight up, no ifs ands or buts about it. and to have our people believe that their black messiah has finally arrived rails on treason, let alone the worse deception thus far.

    it just really amazes me sometimes how there are those of us who call ourselves revolutionaries, black nationalists and pan-afrikanists and still want to cling to the idea of the amerikkkan dream, because some negro was selected by the powers-that-be and elected by the dumbed-downed masses of the people.

    until we get it in our heads that the only way out is through bloodshed, we'll continue to be chattel property of the enemy state. those who make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable!

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