In Solidarity with the people of Southern Sudan

I have been to the cross roads here in the western hemisphere. So I am familiar with the dilemna the people of the Sudan are now facing. As an individual I can only talk from the heart. We face the same dilemna here in the West as you the people of the Sudan are facing now. Unity or Separation. For it not to be a dilemna anymore we should understand both unity and separation. Here in the West it has always been separateness, that is what the whole civilization is built on be in in corporations, religions or institutions there is no interconnection. I think I can safely say that it is we Black people in the world today that do not think apartheid and in that sense we hold the key to build an integrated world. I do not believe that a people can throw segregation out with the bath water, because our whole being depend on just who we are and who we associate with. Black people in modern time have never practised separation, mainly because we have been dominated by other races in slavery or colonialization. Hence, we are second class citizens in every nationalities there are.If the people of Southern Sudan vote separation would that be the gateway to Black people coming into our own? and thus show to the non believers that we are indeed a self determined and independent people. A nation always in existence regardless of the oppression and marginalization. Is separation as voted by the people of the Sudan the beginning of real unity for Black people all over the world? Can we grasp the opportunity to unite tribes with tribes and nation states with nation states in keeping with the greatest who we are and still want to be?I say if you understand separation and unity you will realize that as a people we need both in practice and inorder to have both we have to start with separation and move on in unity with those we seek to be in association with. Is not it your national anthem:We are the soldiers of GodSoldiers of this our landready for any challengeWe shall never betray our call... To shoulder hard your tasks and do your duty true. Nefertari Ahmose.
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  • NYMetro
    The people of the Sudan are on my mind and I want to assure them that I am with them all the way."In the face of death itself. Our souls are in God's hand. We count our country's glory." Long live Nubia, Kush and Kemet. Nefertari Ahmose.
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