URGENT UPDATES - STAY TUNED - CHECK OUT WWW.FREEMUMIA.COM REGULARLYMOBILIZE NOW FOR NOVEMBER 9TH IN PHILADELPHIA!RALLY AT 12 NOON AT 6TH AND MARKET STS.MUMIA'S HEARING IS AT 2PM AT 601 N. MARKET ST. AND THE STREETS MUST BEPACKED WITH SUPPORTERS!!D.A. SETH WILLIAMS STATED VERY CLEARLY THAT WHEN THE TIME COMES, HEWILL DEFINITELY ASK FOR THE DEATH SENTENCE FOR MUMIA.THAT TIME IS HERE -- NOVEMBER 9!We have very few days to do what is necessary to bring thousands of people to the streetsof Philly. People must begin organizing NOW to get there -- schools, colleges, labor unions,churches, mosques, temples and every group and individual that can be reached.As part of the organizing efforts, Johanna Fernandez is working to get her brilliiant film"Justice on Trial,' which premiered the same day as the FOP propaganda hit piece on Mumia,shown in colleges and by organizers everywhere on NOVEMBER 2 so that peoplecan understand the importance of being in Philadelphia on November 9.CONTACT JOHANNA AT ASAP!WE NEED ORGANIZING ON A MASSIVE LEVEL, ALL HANDS PULLING TOGETHER!- DARBY TILLIS AND LAWRENCE HAYES, DEATH ROW EXONEREES were present onOctober 9 and are organizing within the anti-death penalty movement to educate them as towhat is really going on with Mumia and to try and get as many exonerees as possible toPhiladelphia on NOVEMBER 9, along with DR. SANDY JONES, who also presented at theprogram.- THE UNIA HELPED ORGANIZE TO GET PEOPLE THERE- THE IAC HELPED ORGANIZE TO GET PEOPLE THERE- THE JERICHO MOVEMENT HELPED ORGANIZE TO GET PEOPLE THERE- HAKIM FROM CHANNEL LIVE OUT OF NEW YORK IS HELPING ORGANIZE THE HIP HOP GENERATION TO GET ON BOARD- ORGANIZERS IN FRANCE AND LONDON WERE THERE ON OCTOBER 9TH AND ARE ORGANIZING TO RETURN ON NOVEMBER 9TH... AND THAT'S JUST TO NAME A FEW, SO EACH AND EVERYBODY CAN DO EVERYTHING THAT THEY CAN DO!- CALL-IN ON RADIO STATIONS!- CALL D.A. SETH WILLIAMS' OFFICE AT 215-686-8000 AND TELL HIM HANDS OFF MUMIA!!- CALL/FAX/E-MAIL THE NEWS MEDIA ABOUT THE NEW EVIDENCE W/THE PICTURES (see AFRICA ADDS: "COME IN AND SPEND THE WEEKEND OF NOVEMBER 9TH AND HELP ORGANIZETO GET PEOPLE OUT ON NOVEMBER 9 DURING MUMIA'S HEARING, THIS IS CRUCIAL. THESEPEOPLE ARE PLANNING TO COMMIT COLD-BLOODED, PREMEDITATED MURDER. WE ALSO NEEDTO GET WITH THE POLITICIANS WHO ARE RUNNING FOR OFFICE, THEY NEED TO TALK ABOUTHOW PHILADELPHIA IS PLANNING TO KILL AN INNOCENT MAN WHO DIDN'T HAVE A FAIR TRIAL."WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING SO LET US KNOW -- WE'LL KEEP PUTTING OUT UPDATESEVERY FEW DAYS.ALSO, IF YOU HAVEN'T BY NOW...Please download the EXCELLENT Abu-Jamal News Newsletter at,which includes Mumia - MOVE 9 Parole - Mumia Legal Update nn Washington Jr - Kiilu Nyasha - Safiya Bukhari -Fred Hampton- Educators for Mumia - The Polakoff Photos - Justice on Trial - Mumia writes about Lynne Stewart,Oscar Grant, Marilyn Buck, and more!--Mumia is Innocent! Stop the Frame Up! Free Mumia!--Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, NYC,,
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