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i've read where the negro tom joiner has been beefing with tavis smiley and cornell west. so what, neither of them negroes are going to buck the system because they are part and parcel of it. they are just the latest versions of the clique that was started in 1904 by a group of well-to-do negroes, who have made it their business to serve their white slavemasters in return for access to material comfort. tom joiner ain't no more radical than the negro armstrong williams. tavis smiley ain't no more outspoken than the negro herman cain. and cornell west ain't no more outspoken than louis henry gates. they are all cut from the same cloth, which is of no threat to the white supremacist superstructure. they articulate the ideas of white liberalism, which has one foot on the left and the other on the right, courting their privilege of whiteness.


there must come a time when the joiners, smileys, wests, and any other of the negrotrons shall find themselves in dire straits at the mercy of the majority of the afrikan masses in the united snakkkes of amerikkka for betraying and impersonating blackness, in ways that have gone undetected by the gullible ranks of our people. but, that can only take place when the people are politically educated and develope the revolutionary love for freedom. eric michael dyson is another of the classic cases of negrotrons who have made a living pushing a type of rhetoric that appears as radical as farakkhan's old ranting. yet, you won't hear him nor joiner, smiley, west, sharpton, or jackson speak the tone of a fred hampton, jalil muntaquin, assata shakur, sundiata acoli, or mutulu shakur. you won't hear them utter a word about nor against the rich families who have manipulated and enslaved afrikan people worldwide, whether economically, or politically, especially in mother afrika.


the late great malcolm x said it best, that there were two revolutions going on in the community: the negro revolution and the black revolution. and those same negrotrons are quite aware of the fact. even jackie robinson was hinting that there was something mystically wrong, when he said that the education of the majority of the negro leadership had been funded by the rockefellers. thus, it is only fitting that they know their limitations of verbal discussion when it comes to harping on and fixing the degraded position of afrikans-n-amerikkka. their job is to keep the ball in the park, just as it is of a pitcher throwing fastball from the mound in the yankee ballpark.


so, no matter what, whether joiner appears to be more radical than smiley, or smiley having something on joiner, west being more outspoken than reverende chicken bone, and so forth, they are all negrotrons pushed to the front by white liberalism and corporate sponsors, who have used what dubois called the talented tenth (on purpose for a purpose, as dubois was one of the first negrotrons of the twentieth century), to curtail any attempt on the part of the black revolution. the negrotrons are pushed to the front just like the p.i.g. (protector of an ill-natured government) is pushed to the front in the occupied disenfranchised colonies where afrikan people are cordoned off and trapped to be killed by whatever means that can be conjured up.



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